May Issue of The Trail Mix

In This Issue:

Celebrating the Neighborly Way of Life
This month we explore what make the Trinity Woods neighborhood special – what are you waiting for? You won’t want to miss the article on Pickleball the fast growing sport in the US. We also celebrate the May STARS Employees of the Month – Karen and Tim!

May Wellness
We are brining back Spring Fling! A great afternoon with fellowship, fun, and food! Featured events include a trip to Pawnee, Lyndon Myer Piano Concert, and Eicher Thursday a community favorite.

New Neighbors
Meet Betty and Evelyn!

May Availability
This month we are showcasing the Maple Floor Plan in Crestwood. Click here for more information!

Affordable Senior Living Community Option!

This month we are featuring the most affordable senior living community option in Tulsa – Trinity Woods’ Felt House apartments. Located in the heart of Tulsa, Trinity Woods is 40 acres of scenic beauty, full of life, and great neighbors. Discover a sense of community like no other. Trinity Woods is a place to grow, connect and truly live. Right now we are offering an April Special. The Felt House offers 1 bedroom and bathroom, living room, and kitchen but you also receive three meals a day. For this month only the entry fee is $5,000 (based on the standard plan) and $2,745 in monthly expenses – don’t forget this includes meals, housekeeping and maintenance! And $5000 toward moving expenses! Contact us for more info.

April Issue of The Trail Mix

In This Issue:

Memory Care Houses – A Year in Review
It has been one year since we opened the Marshall-Gaddy and Barnes memory care assisted living houses on campus. In this issue we hear from Memory Care Manager, Sadie Krywicki about what makes these houses so special. We also celebrate the April STARS Employees of the Month – Delisa and Japhari!

April Wellness
Trinity Woods announces the return of Meet the Chef! We also highlight all the Holy Week services on campus with special guest speakers. This month we several different concerts along with the book club.

New Neighbors
Meet Matt and Teilla; Don and Judy; and Betty!

Volunteer for your Health

April is National Volunteering Month. Did you know that volunteering is a reciprocal act? The benefits of volunteering can be improving mental health, making new friends, gaining a sense of purpose and connectedness, as well as boosting your overall happiness! Volunteering also enhances the programs and offerings at Trinity Woods. We would not have the robust programming if it were not for the volunteers. Community participation is what makes Trinity Woods the premier place to be. Let me say “thank you for all your efforts and dedication!”

Even during the trying times of 2020 members found ways to volunteer on campus. Some of our long-standing opportunities were put on hold, some were able to be adapted throughout the year, and new opportunities were created. As we celebrate National Volunteer Month, we want to celebrate the 140 on campus volunteers from 2020.

Here are just some of the ways people volunteered:  Bargain Basement, Caring Mat-ters, Fifth Thursday, Food Committee, Health Center Volunteer, Holliman Center Volunteer, Event Help, Libraries, Manor Bears, Manor Mirror, Marketing Ambassadors, Member Council, Movie Nights, Needlecraft, Program Presenters/Organizers, Screenwatchers Guild, Worship and Spiritual Life, Pianists, Walk and Rollers, WAC, Thanksgiving, CLC Planning, Development, Spann Set-Up, Welcome Wednesday, and the Safety Committee. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Irene Brown at 918-346-6614 or

Ways to Save Money

By Senior VP of Finance, Jim Ginther

In my line of work, people are always asking for finance tips…So here is my best advice –

Budgeting is helpful when it comes to cutting expenses. Budgets require you to track
spending and set reasonable expectations for how much you spend. Here are my “best
tips” for saving money.

to different insurance products like auto and home insurance, you can easily save money if
you shop around and compare insurance from other providers.

CONSOLIDATE CREDIT CARD DEBT – The average credit card interest rate is over
16%, which means you could be saving big if you consolidated your credit card debt with
a 0% APR credit card or a personal loan. Balance transfer credit cards let you avoid interest for up to 21 months.

SWITCH CELL PHONE PROVIDERS – How much are you paying for your cell phone? Chances are good you could be paying less if you are willing to switch providers.

PLAN SEVERAL “NO SPEND” DAYS PER WEEK – Did you know that spending $27.40 a day adds up to $10,000 a year? Small purchases can add up quickly. Plan a few “no spend” days each week or a couple of weeks each month.

FINAL BUDGETING TIP – The number one rule in budgeting is, do not go over budget.

March STARS Employee of the Month

Harriet Zavala – LPN, Buehler Place
» Start Date:
August 2021
» Born and Raised:
Winchester, KY
» Wanted to be as a Kid:
» Favorite Sport:
» Hobbies:
Knitting and Reading
» Favorite Book:
Little Women
» Collects:
Frogs and Gnomes
» Fun Fact:
Used to be a correctional officer in Texas.
» What her supervisor says:
“Harriet is compassionate about her work at Trinity Woods.
She is loving, kind and sensitive to her team and the residents. Harriet is devoted to her work,
and I can always count on her. I appreciate all that she does for our team.” Trina Yoder, Buehler
Household Manager

Moments in Black History by Chaplain Weldon Tisdale

Mary Ellen Pleasant

Mary Ellen Pleasant was born on Aug. 19, 1814 in Virginia and spent her early years in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  She worked as a bond servant to the Hussey family, an abolitionist family.  She later married James Smith, a wealthy former plantation owner and an abolitionist.  Mary Ellen and James worked on the Underground Railroad.  After Smith’s death four years later, Mary Ellen continued her work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

Mary Ellen married John James Pleasant around 1848.  To avoid trouble with slavers for their abolitionist work, the couple moved to San Francisco, California in April 1852.  Mrs. Pleasant established several restaurants for California miners, the first named the Case and Heiser.  With the help of clerk Thomas Bell, Mrs. Pleasant amassed a fortune by 1875 through her investments and various businesses by 1875.  She also helped to establish the Bank of California. Making her one of the wealthiest and most influential Black Americans in history.

Pleasant earned her title as the “Mother” of California’s early civil rights movement, establishing the local Underground Railroad.  She financially supported abolitionist John Brown from 1857 to 1859.   In the 1860s and 1870s, Mrs. Pleasant brought several civil rights lawsuits in California, especially against the trolley companies, most of which she won.

During the 1880s, a smear campaign by the widow of Thomas Bell damaged Mrs. Pleasant’s reputation.  Local newspapers began to taunt her with the pejorative title “mammy,” which she reportedly hated.  She never recovered her prestige from this campaign. Mary Ellen Pleasant died on Jan. 4, 1904.

Moments In Black History by Chaplain Weldon Tisdale

Annie Turnbo Malone

Annie Malone was born in 1869, in Metropolis, Illinois, to formerly enslaved parents and orphaned at a young age. From an early age, Malone understood that for African American women, appearance and grooming represented more than their personal style. It could also indicate a woman’s class and social standing. She realized that improving hair health could also have a positive effect on the lives of African American’s. This motivation, along with her early passion for styling her sisters’ hair, inspired Malone to develop products to help women adapt to a society that judged them based on how they met the American standard of beauty (which excluded the natural appearance of most African Americans). 

Malone not only faced the challenges of being a black woman in a segregated society but a businesswoman in a sexist society. Undeterred, she began experimenting with chemistry and established a successful business after developing a line of products that were advertised to help improve scalp health and promote hair growth. Some of these products included scalp preparations and her famous “Hair Grower.” After early success in Illinois, she moved to Missouri in 1902 and founded Poro College Company which became a very successful training ground for many women and men.

Black History is American History

February Issue of The Trail Mix

In This Issue:

Tin Man Society Dinner in February
Special guest speaker Jill Donovan will highlight this night that focuses on kindness through philanthropy. Learn more about leaving your legacy!

February Wellness
Celebration of Black History month by Chaplain Tisdale. Highlights from the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge. Valentine Celebration – Friendship, Community, and Love!

New Neighbors
Meet Mary, Norma, and Don and Chris!

Nutritious and Delicious for Game Day!

If you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious snack to watch the “big” game look no further! Trinity Woods VP of Wellness Jennifer Rawlings recommends this tasty treat!

• 4 Tbsp hot pepper sauce, divided use
• 2 Tbsp white vinegar
• 1 tsp garlic powder
• 1 tsp ground paprika
• 1 dash ground cayenne pepper to taste (optional)
• 1 lb raw chicken breast tenders
• 1⁄4 cup reduced-fat (2%) plain yogurt
• 1 Tbsp crumbled blue cheese
• 4 medium celery stalks, cut into sticks

Combine 1 Tbsp. hot sauce, vinegar, garlic powder, paprika, and cayenne (if desired) in a small bowl; mix well. Add chicken; toss to coat. Marinate, covered, in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 375° F. Place chicken in a baking dish. Discard any remaining marinade. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, or until chicken is no longer pink in the middle. While chicken is baking, combine yogurt and cheese in a small bowl; mix
well. Set aside. Combine chicken and remaining 3 Tbsp. hot sauce in a large bowl; toss gently to blend.

Serve chicken with dip and celery.

Introducing the Trinity Woods new Marketing and Sales Team

Trinity Woods recently announced the restructuring of the Sales and Marketing Department. We have reassigned some responsibility and added a new sales representative. This reorganization will allow us to better promote the overall Trinity Woods community and offer a more personalized sales approach.

In the new structure Bonnie Polak will serve as the Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Engagement. In this role she will continue to be responsible for philanthropy but will extend her public relations role to include marketing the community and oversight of the two-person sales team.

“I am eager to be part of this team,” said Bonnie. “We are at an exciting time for Trinity Woods not just because of our new name and brand but all of the new amenities we have to offer. Trinity Woods is an amazing community of caring and kind people. I look forward to our team sharing that with others.”

Nadine Barnes and Kristi Hinesley are the Trinity Woods sales representatives and will work with prospective members to showcase the community. Both have extensive senior living sales experience and expertise to highlight the heart and neighborly feel of our community. Nadine has served the Trinity Woods community for the past 10 years and Kristi comes to us from another senior living community. The structure will be a true team approach allowing each of them to help prospects find their perfect home on the Trinity Woods campus.

This next year we look forward to introducing more families to this great community. We know our current members are our best reference so if you know of someone looking for their new home, please reach out to Nadine and Kristi. Remember there are incentives for referrals and rewards if your friends join our community!

12 Commandments for Seniors

Submitted by resident Bill Moorer (original author unknown)

  1. Talk to yourself. There are times you need expert advice.
  2. “In Style” are the clothes that still fit.
  3. You don’t need anger management. You need people to stop making you mad.
  4. Your people skills are just fine. It’s your tolerance for idiots that needs work.
  5. The biggest lie you tell yourself is, “I don’t need to write that down. I’ll remember it.”
  6. “On time” is when you get there.
  7. Even duct tape can’t fix stupid – but it sure does muffle the sound.
  8. “One for the road” means going to the bathroom before you leave the house.
  9. Lately, you’ve noticed people your age are so much older than you.
  10. Growing old should have taken longer.
  11. Aging has slowed you down, but it hasn’t shut you up.
  12. You still haven’t learned to act your age and hope you never will.

Local Author Night: John Wooley and Brett Bingham: Twentieth Century Honkey-Tonk

Trinity Woods welcomes authors John Wooley and Brett Bingham for a look at their new book about a Tulsa icon. It was supposed to be a car dealership. Instead, it became one of the most famous American music venues of all time. For the first time ever, all the secrets of the hottest honky-tonk of the 20th Century, the Cain’s Ballroom, are revealed, in the words of the people who made it happen.

Spanning the famed venue’s first 75 years, from 1924 through 1999, Twentieth-Century Honky-Tonk tells it all, from Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys—who became a national sensation with their clear-channel ballroom broadcasts— to U2, the Police, and Van Halen. Books will be available for purchase and signing at a cost of $20, cash or credit card accepted.

John Wooley is a writer, novelist, lecturer, filmmaker, and radio and TV host who specializes in the movies, literature, and music of the 1930s and ‘40s as well as other pop-culture history. Brett Bingham has managed and booked dozens of musical acts, specializing in western Swing. Currently, he’s the business manager for Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys under the direction of Jason Roberts.

Be Well in the New Year

by Jennifer Rawlings, VP of Wellness

What if your health and well-being were your job? What if it was your top priority? It is the time
of year when most people set their goals and then want to see instant results.

I encourage you to resist the temptation to give up, especially if you don’t see immediate results after the first two weeks. Your health is a work in progress. You must find what works for you. Your success is built upon failures and trials. Never quit when you are struggling; you only fail when you quit. As long as you are working toward your goal, you are making progress. It doesn’t matter how slow or how fast you are going as long as you keep going. You are
worth it!

If your health is something you think about every day or even if it is something you only think about when you have to, you are still making progress by thinking about it at all. Your health is the product of small choices you make every day. Remember skipping one workout or eating one dessert doesn’t make you unhealthy and doesn’t derail your goals. However, skipping a workout more often than not and fueling your body with processed foods will take you farther and farther away from your healthy goals for wellbeing!

Make your health a priority to make your life better. Being well is not a punishment to your body, it is something you are doing that is good for you. Celebrate, embrace, and be proud of being well. It’s all about your mindset.

Love yourself and allow the struggle to help you grow. Enjoy the process; remind yourself of the small wins and focus on where you want to go. You owe it to yourself to do the best you can and invest in you!

Member Council 2022

We are excited to announce the Trinity Woods 2022 Member Council.

Front Row (left to right): Bill Moorer, Shirley Frizzell, Chuck Hanna, Phyllis Rhodes
Back Row (left to right): Glenna Hertzler, Rollie Rhodes, Sue Duncan, Paul Hockett, Jenneth Sheeler, Howard Rhodes, Charlotte Frazier, Fred Elder

Their role is to promote, organize and/or conduct events and activities of interest to the Members. The Council serves in an advisory role for the organization and may also represent the Member body in forums when necessary. This group is excited to serve their Trinity Woods neighbors.

Leave it Behind and Move Forward

by Weldon Tisdale, Trinity Woods Chaplain

The beginning of a new year is an opportune time to start afresh. Don’t let 2022 just be another year
of moving forward – make it a year of leaving some things behind. Past hurts, failures, pains, decisions…
are often weights that hinder our ability to move forward. Even good things that are energy drainers could potentially need to be left behind. If you have done something you thought was meaningful without getting meaningful results, maybe, it’s time to leave it (or them) behind as well.

Actually, any unnecessary weights or baggage should be left behind. Sometimes that includes individuals who have become baggage by occupying too much of your time, space, and energy, unnecessarily. Leave them behind and
love them from a distance.

Ultimately, the most difficult thing to do is move forward when you are totally focused on the past.

As one who was intimately aware of hurts, pains, beatings, and shipwrecks in life, the Apostle Paul teaches us the importance of forgetting past things and moving forward. He encourages us to press on towards a greater prize.

Just a reminder: faith is the key element for moving forward. Your heavenly Father did not create you to live a life of mediocrity – you were created to live life in the faith lane. The faith lane is not to be mistaken for the ‘fast lane’ because often it is just the opposite. Patience will be required as you embark on the new.

There is so much more ahead of you than behind you. Like Paul, let it go, leave it behind and move forward.

January STARS Employee of the Month

Candy Ramirez, Cook, Employee Corner Cafe

» Start Date: August 2011
» Born and Raised: Texas
» Described by Friends: Caring, helpful, attentive and does the right thing
» Favorite Holliday: Family birthdays!
» Favorite Recipe: Salsa – Green or Red
» Favorite Quote: “This isn’t Burger King but you can have it your way – upon availability.”
» Favorite Thing about working Trinity Woods: “Doing what I love to do, helping and serving and especially cooking for my employees.”
» What her supervisor says: “Candy is a very caring person. She works tirelessly to ensure superb service to every employee.” – Richard Applegate, Food Services Director

Trinity Woods Opens Medical Clinic on Campus

Trinity Woods is excited to announce the opening of a new medical clinic on campus.
“We are very pleased to announce a new phase in the partnership between Trinity
Woods and the OSU Center for Health Sciences for the clinic,” said Steve Dickie,

The clinic is located on the bottom floor of the Crestwood building just outside the
Spann Wellness Center west entrance. The location, which used to be the salon, has
been completely renovated to accommodate its new purpose. In addition to primary
care visits, the space will be used for lab draws, Podiatry and Audiology.

“The area has been remodeled with new walls, doors, lighting and plumbing,” said
Jesse Stark, Trinity Woods, Project Coordinator. “The new space includes a private
reception area that is spacious and quiet, an exam room, and a private physician
consultation room.”

Along with the clinic we are pleased to introduce Dr. Marinn Rank, D.O. as the
new physician on campus. Dr. Rank earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology
graduating with honors from OSU. She attended Oklahoma State University College
of Medicine and did her specialty training in the Oklahoma State University Family
Medicine Residency Program. She is Board Certified by the American Board of
Osteopathic Family Physicians. Dr. Rank serves as Assistant Clinical Professor of
Family Medicine in the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Family
Medicine Residency program.

The new clinic will officially open its doors later this month. The central location
will provide easy access for all community members. The clinic will be open from
1-5 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. To schedule an appointment
or learn more about utilizing Dr. Rank, contact Lupina Fry at 918.346.6618.

Tulsa Youth Opera Performs at Trinity Woods

Tulsa Youth Opera at Trinity Woods: Amahl & the Night Visitors by Gian Carlo Menotti
Friday, January 7 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, January 8 at 2:30 & 7:30 p.m.
Community Life Center, Westervelt Hall

This one-act, fully staged opera in English tells the story of Amahl and his mother as they encounter the three kings who are journeying to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. It is an inspirational story of faith, told from the perspective of a child. Admission is free but tickets are required.

January Issue of The Trail Mix

In this issue:

New Medical Clinic on Campus
Meet Dr. Marinn Rank and learn more about what this new clinic space offers. Introducing the 2022 Member Council!

January Wellness
Be well in the new year. Advise from Chaplain Tisdale on moving forward with a positive out look. Exciting events in January with Tulsa Youth Opera as they present Amahl and the Night Visitors.

New Neighbors
Meet Jim and Linda Pat, Jerry and Latricia, and Margaret!

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