Congratulations Wendy Williams, Trinity Woods Board Member!

We are pleased to announce that Trinity Woods Board Member, Wendy Williams has been selected as a 2022 Pinnacle Award Winner. These awards honor women who are exemplary leaders in the Tulsa
community and demonstrate both professional success and commitment to service. The Pinnacle Awards were established by the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women to celebrate the important contributions of women to the City of Tulsa. Wendy joined the Trinity Woods Board this year. She is the owner of Health and Safety Education Consultants Training Center, an approved State of Oklahoma Health Department Nurse Aide Registry program. Wendy recognized there was a need to increase the number of training centers to help students become Certified Nursing Assistants and enter other health service entry level careers. She is also the founder and president of Eastern Oklahoma Black Nurses Association, a local chapter of the National Black Nurses Association, Inc.

Ways to Save Money

By Senior VP of Finance, Jim Ginther

In my line of work, people are always asking for finance tips…So here is my best advice –

Budgeting is helpful when it comes to cutting expenses. Budgets require you to track
spending and set reasonable expectations for how much you spend. Here are my “best
tips” for saving money.

to different insurance products like auto and home insurance, you can easily save money if
you shop around and compare insurance from other providers.

CONSOLIDATE CREDIT CARD DEBT – The average credit card interest rate is over
16%, which means you could be saving big if you consolidated your credit card debt with
a 0% APR credit card or a personal loan. Balance transfer credit cards let you avoid interest for up to 21 months.

SWITCH CELL PHONE PROVIDERS – How much are you paying for your cell phone? Chances are good you could be paying less if you are willing to switch providers.

PLAN SEVERAL “NO SPEND” DAYS PER WEEK – Did you know that spending $27.40 a day adds up to $10,000 a year? Small purchases can add up quickly. Plan a few “no spend” days each week or a couple of weeks each month.

FINAL BUDGETING TIP – The number one rule in budgeting is, do not go over budget.

March STARS Employee of the Month

Harriet Zavala – LPN, Buehler Place
» Start Date:
August 2021
» Born and Raised:
Winchester, KY
» Wanted to be as a Kid:
» Favorite Sport:
» Hobbies:
Knitting and Reading
» Favorite Book:
Little Women
» Collects:
Frogs and Gnomes
» Fun Fact:
Used to be a correctional officer in Texas.
» What her supervisor says:
“Harriet is compassionate about her work at Trinity Woods.
She is loving, kind and sensitive to her team and the residents. Harriet is devoted to her work,
and I can always count on her. I appreciate all that she does for our team.” Trina Yoder, Buehler
Household Manager

March STARS Employee of the Month

Amanda Ellison – Housekeeping
» Start Date: September 2020
» Born and Raised: Claremore and Mounds, OK
» Described by Friends: Funny and kind-hearted
» First Job: Long John Silvers
» Favorite Verse: “Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your
God is with you.” Joshua 1:9
» Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music
» Family Life: Married with four children
» What her supervisor says: “Amanda comes in with a smile and positive attitude every day. She is
a very hard worker and is always willing to go the extra mile and work an extra shift. She is polite to
everyone and loves talking to the members and hearing their stories. She’s a keeper!” – Cathy Green, Housekeeping Manager

Wellness at Trinity Woods…

By Jennifer Rawlings, Your Friendly Neighborhood Wellness Guru

Today’s seniors are living longer than ever, and their wellness routines are evolving to ensure each new year brings not only physical health, but also purpose and contentment. That’s why Trinity Woods takes a multifaceted approach to wellness. We invite everyone to redefine what it means to live and be well
at every age.

Wellness can look different to each individual and there are many factors that can influence each person’s wellness. Your beliefs, values, education, traditions, environment and past experiences all shape what wellness means to you.

According to a survey by the International Council on Active Aging, senior living communities are increasingly moving away from a care-first mindset and toward a wellness lifestyle with options for care available. For the Trinity Woods community this has been our mindset for years.

We embrace wellness in all areas of campus with these types of wellness programs:
• Education and lifelong learning
• Exercise (led by both instructors and technology)
• Health education and disease management
• Food and nutrition education and preparation
• Intergenerational programs linking youth and older adults
• Social and cultural events

The goal of the Wellness Team at Trinity Woods is for there to be a true sense of achievement where residents are learning and developing, fostering relationships with meaningful interactions, and fulfilling their purpose. This is accomplished by focusing on the seven dimensions of healthy aging: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Environmental and Vocational.

When you participate in a physical, social, or educational program you are actively working to improve your longevity and overall well-being. Wellness is ingrained in the culture of Trinity Woods.
We would love to discuss how we can help you achieve your wellness goals.

If you want more information about wellness opportunities for yourself or a loved one, available at Trinity Woods, contact Jennifer Rawlings, VP of Wellness at 918.346.6663.

Spring, A Picture of God’s Faithfulness

By Weldon Tisdale, Chaplain

Did you notice something during the height of the pandemic lockdown? When much of the man-made world was forced to hit the pause button, everything in the natural world began to clear up and turn green! Smog decreased, air quality increased, birds sang louder, trees laughed again, and the earth seemingly rejoiced. People stopped but nature did not. Spring still arrived.

Some may say, “What’s the big deal? That’s only nature,” but it means something greater. In our time of recluse, God, in His faithfulness, brought spring. And here we are on the precipice of another spring.

When Noah left the ark in Genesis 8 and 9, God made several promises. He said in 8:22, “While
the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” (NASB) God promised that the seasons will continue and that the season of life will always return after winter. The coming of spring is a picture of God’s complete faithfulness.

God’s faithfulness transcends beyond nature. During the winters of life, His faithfulness remains with us through every trial. God carries us through every one of our hard times. It does not matter the size or depth of our situation; God remains with us. His faithfulness does not allow Him to abandon us.

God does not want us to feel alone or afraid. In Deuteronomy 31:6(c) He says, “…He will never leave you nor forsake you.” (NASB) Just like year after year He brings spring, day-in-and-day-out, He stays faithfully with us. Nature keeps going because God upholds it and is faithful to His creation. If He is faithful to His creation, He is even more faithful to us.

No doubt we live in a strange and uncertain time. We do not know what lies ahead, but as you make your way through this strange and uncertain time, look out your window or go for a walk. When you see that everything is turning green, know that God is faithful.

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

This spring Trinity Woods will break ground on three brand new villas for independent living. After evaluating some of the current properties the decision was made to tear down an existing villa and duplex to make room for these new homes.

“We are excited about this addition to our community,” said Dennis Graham, COO. “As with any renovation or new construction project we undertake, these villas will be built with full attention to detail and master craftsmanship in mind.”

While each villa will have unique features and floor plans, the design will keep with the overall aesthetic of the community and other villas. Each villa will offer two bedrooms with large walk-in closets, an open concept living area with a gas fi replace for relaxing with a good book. Additionally the plan offers a private study, two full bathrooms and one-half bath as well as a spacious laundry room. The modern streamlined kitchen will have a large center island with a bar seating area perfect for entertaining. There will be a covered patio, full size two-car garage, and a fully landscaped yard with a sprinkler system.

“As part of this process we welcome the new owner to be part of the selection process. We want them to be able to select the designer colors, finishes, and fixtures, if they choose.” said Dennis. “We expect to be able to build each villa within 120 days and we are excited to work with the resident.”

If you would like more information on the new villas or other independent living options at Trinity Woods, contact us at 918.574.2590. We have several information sessions scheduled for this month!

March Issue of The Trail Mix

In This Issue:

Announcing New Independent Living Options
We are excited to offer three new villas. Learn more about these new homes coming to campus. Chaplain Weldon Tisdale, welcomes all to the Ash Wednesday service. We also celebrate the March STARS Employees of the Month – Amanda and Harriet!

March Wellness
Trinity Woods person centered approach to wellness and all the ways on ways to engage on campus. This month’s events feature concerts, book club and a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.

New Neighbors
Meet Peggy!

What Now?

Take the Next Step