Meet the Wellness Team

The goal of the Trinity Woods Wellness Team is to provide opportunities for community members to fulfill their wellness needs and priorities no matter where they live on campus. Here is a brief glance at the Wellness Team and their roles:

Jennifer Rawlings

Vice President Of Wellness

Guides this amazing team of forward thinkers that raises the bar for wellness programs and offerings in this industry.

Angie Bennett

Wellness Assistant

Is the woman behind all the reservations for events. She makes sure you have your tickets and a seat on the bus.

Irene Brown

Life Enrichment Coordinator

Plans the intellectual and social events for Independent Living. This includes lifelong learning classes, concerts, talent shows, special parties, and overnight and day trips.

Lupina Fry

Wellness Nurse

Provides a variety of health education opportunities. She facilitates the dementia partners gatherings and health fairs. She is available for your preventive and recovery health needs.

Lori Johnson

Wellness Coordinator For The Health Center

Coordinates workshops in the Health Center Households that provide cognitive and purposeful learning. She plans programs and engages with members for an enriching experience.

Weldon Tisdale


Provides the spiritual and emotional opportunities on the campus. Weldon, along with the Spiritual Life Council, hope that everyone on campus will be surrounded by and encounter the spirit of Christ.

Stacy Vance

Tranquility Wellness Spa Coordinator

Is here to book appointments and ensure the customer experience is exceptional with each visit.

Fitness Coordinator

Leads exercise classes throughout the continuum and is a certified personal trainer. They add new focus classes and challenges throughout the year.

Delisa Gray

Fitness Coordinator

Leads exercise classes throughout the continuum and helps coordinate recreational opportunities across campus. She adds new focus classes and provides new opportunities for the members to try.

Amber Kennedy

Wellness Coordinator For Memory Care Houses

Provides engaging programs and opportunities for residents living with dementia. She is trained in the Positive Approach to Care to coordinate person-center programs for Cobb Landing and the Marshall-Gaddy and Barnes Households.

Victoria Treiber

Wellness Coordinator For Holliman

Provides a variety of programs that keep the members engaged. Her creative approach to member programs keeps the Churchill Creative Studio a busy place.

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