Oklahoma Methodist Manor Reaches $13.4 million Capital Campaign Goal!

Tulsa, OK – Our mission has always been bold: serving Tulsa seniors in the spirit of Christ. Five years ago we launched a capital campaign based on our vision of serving this generation and the generations to come. Today we are proud to announce that we have REACHED our goal! Thanks to Paula Marshall, Honorary Campaign Chair, the Campaign Cabinet, Board of Trustees and hundreds of incredibly generous donors.

“Simply amazing,” CEO of Oklahoma Methodist Manor, Steve Dickie said. “The response from our community, businesses, neighbors and friends has been overwhelming. We are forever grateful to all of our donors. We are so pleased to officially announce that we have achieved our goal, and that OMM will be able to continue to care for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those we serve.”

Planning for the Capital Campaign began in November of 2014. After conducting feasibility and cost studies, OMM leadership and community volunteers launched Phase I that resulted in $8.5 million to help fund a new Assisted Living Center and two Memory Care Houses. In 2018, Phase II of the campaign was launched, which will fund a new Community Life Center. With help from dozens of campaign volunteers, the community responded with hundreds of individual gifts, pushing the overall total to over $13.4 million as of the end of August.

“This year we will open the Holliman Living Center and break ground on the Marshall-Gaddy and Barnes Memory Care Houses, as well as the new Community Life Center,” said Dickie. “I am still in awe of the support from our members, board and the Tulsa community. When you undertake a goal like this you do it very thoughtfully and know it will be a journey – all I can say is I am truly humbled and thank you.”

OMM has been a leader in serving Tulsa seniors for over a six decades. Through this campaign OMM will be able to expand and meet the growing demand for assisted living and specialized memory care living. The new buildings on campus will only enhance the person centered-care elders receive at OMM.


Oklahoma Methodist Manor was founded in 1956 as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Tulsa seniors in the spirit of Christ. Today OMM serves an average of 380 persons with a full continuum of care including residential living, assisted living, rehabilitative therapy, nursing care and skilled memory care. For more information visit www.ommtulsa.org.

Caregiver Support Group Starts in September

In January, Oklahoma Methodist Manor became a Dementia Friendly Partner. This organization of interested individuals have met regularly to discuss missing pieces of the dementia friendly community. One of the most common requests at the Dementia Friendly Partners meetings has been providing a support group opportunity on the OMM campus.

Recently volunteers have stepped forward to offer their time to facilitate this opportunity. Doris Piatak, new OMM Member, has completed the Alzheimer’s Association training along with staff members, Lupina Fry and Lori Johnson. Although the training did focus on the Alzheimer’s we know all caregivers face similar concerns and we are opening our support group to all care providers, not solely those focused on dementia or Alzheimer’s.

“Support groups are meant to offer an opportunity to speak to others facing similar challenges, it offers comfort, advice and very often empowerment,” said Lupina Fry, Wellness Nurse at OMM. “There will be a support group facilitator who will help steer the group, keeping them on track. They will also reiterate the importance of confidential dialogue and exchange of ideas, leading to more meaningful learning and increased compassion for our community.” 

Beginning in September, the OMM Caregiver Support Group will meet on the third Thursday of each month in the 3rd Floor Meeting Room in Crestwood from 3 to 4:30 p.m. There is no need to RSVP and there is no charge to attend. We are excited to offer this new support group not just to OMM members but anyone in the Tulsa community that would like to attend. Please feel free to share with information with family and friends.

A continuation of 5 Steps to Successful Decision Making

Dealing with a house full of possessions and memories.

Sorting through belongings is often what stops people from moving forward… the thought of going through, sometimes 40-50 years of things, can seem overwhelming.  It’s easier to just give up and stay put….  It may be “Where do I even start?”  It may be “I don’t want to give that up… it has great sentimental value.”  The physical work that is involved may be too much and causes another stumbling block.

The good news is that you don’t have to sort through everything. Focus on what you need as basics. Then focus on what you’d like to keep if you have room for it.  There are many professional “Senior Move Managers” and they have experience working with those over the age of 65 and understand the anxiety that can come with this kind of task. They can come to your home with the floor plan you’ve selected in the community you’re moving to and help you decide what will fit where in your new place, pack items to be moved, shipped or sold, arrange for professional movers, unpack and remove the mess.  They are usually a great resource for estate sale companies, house cleaning, and realtors.

A continuation of 5 Steps to Successful Decision Making

Step 3: Surround yourself with highly qualified professionals.

You will likely need the services of an organizer/move manager, home repair contractors, realtor, senior living community personnel and others.  Take the time to interview these people and their services.  Get references.  Downsizing moves require service providers with specialized expertise and although you may have used such professionals before, when a move happens in the 7th or 8thdecade of life, wants and needs have changed.

OMM Welcomes Rebekah Wood as Student Artist In-Residence (SAIR)

Starting in August, OMM will be continuing our Student-Artist In-Residence (SAIR) partnership with the Theatre Department at Oral Roberts University. New this year will be the additional partnership with TimeSlips. This partnership incorporates the principles and techniques of Applied Theater and Creative Storytelling in the Healthcare Households to bring meaning, purpose and joy into the lives of elders through creative engagement. Adding the TimeSlips component to the SAIR program allows us to have additional resources and programs to enhance the programs we provide in the Health Center.

This year’s SAIR is Rebekah Wood, a sophomore at ORU majoring in Musical Theatre. Rebekah is from Austin, TX and has performed in over 17 plays including performances at ORU.

Rebekah’s goal with the SAIR and TimeSlips program is to engage members at OMM through improv, creative storytelling and drama. Serving and helping people is a strong focus for Rebekah and she is looking forward to making an impact in the elder’s day and bringing a smile to their faces, which is something that theatre can do for everyone who participates.

During Rebekah’s residency, she will live in the Felt House. She will be a present and supportive member of the OMM community by spending time daily and planning Creative Storytelling workshops for the elders.

OMM Highlights the August STARS of the Month

Congratulations to this month’s STARS employees,

Andrea Atkinson, the Tree Top Café Coordinator, and Claudia Dilday, the Housekeeping Supervisor. We are excited to recognize these outstanding OMM employees.

Andrea has been with OMM since June of 2000 and served in many different capacities. She truly loves making the Members happy and always has a smile. She was born in Clinton, OK and attend school at Burns Flat High School. In her free time Andrea enjoys listening to music, dancing, coloring and collecting frogs. Once on vacation in Cozumel, Mexico she even swam with dolphins. She has two grown daughters that live in Oklahoma. Next time you see Andrea give her a pat on the back for excellent customer service!
What her supervisor says “Andrea is a real team player who has taken ownership of the Tree Top Café and she puts our Member’s needs first!” – Chuck Lucia, Director of Food Services

Claudia is one of the “stars” of housekeeping. She has been with OMM since January of 2013. Claudia is originally from Germany and grew up in a little town in southern Germany just east of Stuttgart. In her down time, Claudia likes to read and spend time with family and friends. Her service philosophy is “I treat them the same way I like to be treated. I like to see them smile.” She is married and recently celebrated her 39th wedding anniversary on July 11 and has a grown son and daughter. A special thank you to Claudia for giving OMM members the star treatment.
What her supervisor says “Claudia is very reliable. She helps me keep things running smoothly and is very much a team player.” – Cathy Green, Housekeeping Manager

At OMM we take customer service very seriously. Each employee is trained through our Red Carpet Learning Systems training program. In these full-day training classes we focus on treating our customers like STARS.

A continuation of 5 Steps to Successful Decision Making

Step 2: Talk with your family and friends.
You’re not asking permission or even their opinions. When you do make a decision, it’s good to keep them in the loop. If later you find you need their help or advice, they’re at least informed of what your plans are. Share your plans. Find out if they have any questions or concerns. Sometimes, oddly enough, a move can be even more emotional for adult children than it is for their parents.

A continuation of 5 Steps to Successful Decision Making

Step 2:  Talk with your family and friends.

You’re not asking permission or even their opinions.  When you do make a decision, it’s good to keep them in the loop.  If later you find you need their help or advice, they’re at least informed of what your plans are.  Share your plans.  Find out if they have any questions or concerns.  Sometimes, oddly enough, a move can be even more emotional for adult children than it is for their parents.

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