Community Opportunities Create Successes

Living at OMM lends itself to not only being a part of a community but to creating friendships. We have a sea of opportunities available to be connected and as we wrapped up 2018, we saw many people and groups come full circle in wellness. Here are just a few of our successes we want to celebrate!

In order to help maintain and not gain during the holiday season, a four-week machine circuit class was held in the Spann Wellness Center. This class was held twice a week and every person in the class increased their strength on an average of 10 pounds. Consistency is key and it pays off!

The Wellness Passport has been in place since 2013 and every year members gain a better understanding of the seven dimensions of wellness and how they fit into their lives and this year was no different. This four-month journey took dedication by the participants and they embraced the opportunities and traveled across the campus to participate in programs and events. Emily Wood was the overall winner for the 2018 Wellness Passport by scoring a total of 191.5 points out of a possible 279 points. The Passport gave Emily the opportunities to participate in exercise and mindfulness classes, be more active in OMM programs and has even brought her family closer together.

An eight-week Brain Study was held in the fall on the effects of exercise and the brain. The members took a pre-test and a post-test that tested their cognitive processing, coordination, delayed recall and reaction time and then met four times a week for 45 minutes doing dance aerobics, aerobic games, practicing mindfulness and puzzles. Margie exceeded the goals of this study and increased an average of 14% in each testing area. Other added benefits Margie experienced were weight loss, improved strength and more social interaction! She reaped the benefit of hard work and determination!

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