We Stand on Giant’s Shoulders

By Steve Dickie, CEO

All of us share a common debt to the many others who “prepared the way” for us by shaping our community and giving of themselves in ways which served to our benefit. Because of their kindness and
generosity our lives have been enriched and as they served the greater good. There is a collective blessing we inherit that we are now obligated to build upon and pass on to others. It is true: we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Rev. Elson Hargrove joined the staff of Trinity Woods (then Oklahoma Methodist Manor) as Assistant
Health Care Administrator in 1984. He went on to be Health Care Administrator and later Executive
Director prior to his retirement in 1996.

During his tenure he was involved in the construction of the Fleming Center, the Patio Homes, and the Health Center. Rev. Hargrove had the distinction of hiring Dennis Graham (now Chief Operating
Officer) as a contractor in 1995.

Dennis described Rev. Hargrove as a kind and compassionate leader who was always looking out for the residents and staff.

Elson and Joyce Hargrove now reside in the very Health Center he helped to build. It is an honor and a privilege for all of us to serve those who served us so well.

Seven Dimensions of Wellness: Social

By Alison McMillan, Wellness Manager

When I was a child, my grandmother used to sing to me, “Make new friends, and keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold!” I never knew what she really meant until I was much older, but the intention there was to encourage me to continue being social and to grow my connections past the handful I
already had. Social relationships and friendships are extremely important in our lives and make up one entire dimension of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness.

As we age, social well-being becomes even more important than ever. According to the CDC, social isolation and Loneliness are significant health risks, increasing the risk of developing dementia, depression, heart disease, and more. The CDC also reports that nearly one fourth of adults over the age of 65 can be considered socially isolated. Conversely, the National Institute of Aging reports that people who regularly engage in meaningful and productive activities tend to live longer lives, have greater
mood boosts, and report feeling a strong sense of purpose.

There are many ways to increase your social activity to better care for your social well-being. One of them is through physical activity! A study published in June of 2021 found that increased physical activity in women over 60 helped foster social links to improve social relationships. Try an exercise class or join a walking group – it’s a good way to boost your social life by meeting new people and exploring new friendships. Another way is to find a new hobby or activity to explore. Not only will you learn a new
skill, but you will gain lifelong connections with people eager to meet you and teach you their interest.

Trinity Woods offers so many social opportunities. From Wii Bowling to Bingo, Fun Fit Boxing to Tai Chi, Weavers and Pickle Ballers, Walking Adventures, Concerts, and programs like Meet the Chef and Supper and a Show, there are endless options for attending social events. Each one is designed to help you fully
engage in Seven Dimensions of Wellness. Remember: building connections can lead to a healthier you.

What I Am Doing Here?

By Duane Blankenship, Trinity Woods Resident

Janice and I lived in three wonderful homes east of Broken Arrow for a total of 46 years. In May of
2023, we acknowledged that we needed a plan that would define how and where we would spend
our Golden Years. Two weeks later we attended a presentation by Trinity Woods’ CEO Steve
Dickie and the sales team. Our eyes were opened! Early the next morning we headed to Trinity
Woods for a tour of available properties and received answers to all our questions.

Together, we had decided that now was a great time to implement plans for a final move. We
were getting older, had no relatives living near us, and did not want to leave the Tulsa area where I
had lived for nearly 60 years. Plus, I cherished the thought of no more mowing, edging, trimming,
replacing broken sprinkler heads, repairing or replacing appliances, making repairs to our home
and property as needed, no more utility bills, etc. And we did not want to be a burden to our kids
as we got older. Getting the idea?

We’ve now lived in our new Trinity Woods patio home for seven months and there is no place we
would rather be! Every aspect of Trinity Woods has exceeded our expectations! We love our new
home and the Trinity Woods community. It’s a perfect fit for us! We never expected to make so
many friends so quickly. There are so many activities in which to participate to keep our brains
and bodies healthy and the entire community is welcoming, helpful, friendly, and fun! Our kids
are delighted that we are so happy, and our friends compliment us for making the decision to
move to Trinity Woods.

Charter Oak, Cypress Grill and Tree Top, combine to provide exceptional dining choices for
breakfast, lunch and dinner. And all the food at Trinity Woods is excellent! Plus, seemingly endless
amenities, entertainment and opportunities for self improvement abound!
In short, Janice and I feel like we’ve moved to a fine resort to spend the remainder of our Golden
Years with wonderful, new friends!

And just for the record, we know what we’re doing with our future! Do you?

March STARS Employee of the Month

Sherrick Sanford, Cook on the Dining Team

Start Date: July 2023
Born and Raised: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Education: Tulsa Technology Center
Wanted to be as a Kid: An Athlete
Favorite Sport: Football, Basketball, Wresting, UFC
One Meal Forever: Breakfast – “A very awesome meal!”
Described by Friends: Words can’t describe Sherrick
Hobbies: Music, Sports and Reading
First Job: Landscaping
Favorite Holiday: Christmas – I love giving gifts!
Family Recipe: Gumbo
Favorite Book: Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann
Collects: Vinyl Records
What his supervisor says: “Positive and always willing to help staff and members. Sherrick is willing to assists those around him and is very pleasant to work with.” – Ling Pham, Executive Chef

Easter and the Legend of the Dogwood Tree

Legend holds that the Dogwood Tree was once very large and because its wood was strong and sturdy, it provided building material for a variety of purposes. According to the story, it was the Dogwood Tree
that provided the wood used to build the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Because of its role in the crucifixion, it is said that God both cursed and blessed the tree. It was cursed to be small forever, so it would never grow large enough to be used again as a cross for a crucifixion. Its branches would be narrow and crooked, which makes it no good for building. At the same time, however, the tree was blessed so it would produce beautiful flowers each spring, just in time for Easter.

To remember God’s promise to the tree, it is said He gave it a few traits so that whoever looks upon it will never forget. For example, the petals form the shape of a cross. Upon close examination, the blooms of the tree always have four petals. The middle of the dogwood flower is a tight grouping that resembles a crown of thorns. And the tips of each of the petals are indented, as if they bear a nail dent. There are even colors in the petals that bring to mind the drops of blood that spilled during the crucifixion.

The Legend of the Dogwood Tree. Happy Easter!

The Lamb of God

By Weldon Tisdale, Trinity Woods Chaplain

In the Bible, Jesus is often referred to as the Passover Lamb. Let’s explore why this analogy is significant as we enter the Lenten Season in preparation for Easter:

The concept of Passover originates from the book of Exodus. During the time when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, God instructed them to celebrate the Passover as a memorial of their deliverance. In Exodus 12, God commanded the Israelites to take an unblemished one-year-old lamb and sacrifice it during the Passover feast. The blood of this lamb was to be applied to their doorposts, signifying protection from death. The Passover commemorated God’s grace in sparing the Israelites from the final plague that struck Egypt, where the firstborn of every household died. The blood on the doorposts allowed death to “pass over” their homes.

The lamb sacrificed during the Passover served as a substitute. Its innocent blood protected the Israelites
from death. This sacrificial provision pointed forward to the coming of Jesus Christ, who would be the ultimate and perfect Lamb of God. Just as the Passover lamb’s blood shielded the Israelites, Jesus’ blood would provide salvation for all humanity.

John the Baptist recognized Jesus as the Lamb of God. In John 1:29, he declared, “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” Isaiah 53:7 also prophesied about Jesus: “He was brought as a lamb to the slaughter.” Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross, shedding His innocent blood. His death became the ultimate Passover sacrifice. By accepting Jesus as the Lamb of God, we can be saved from spiritual death. His sacrifice offers redemption and eternal life.

Jesus’ sacrifice goes beyond physical deliverance. He is the Passover Lamb who brings about the true exodus. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus initiates a spiritual new creation. He raises His people from spiritual death to spiritual life. As the Lamb of God, Jesus fulfills the symbolism of the Passover lamb, providing salvation for all who believe in Him.

In summary, Jesus’ role as the Passover Lamb signifies His sacrificial love, redemption, and the opportunity for humanity to escape spiritual death through faith in Him.

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