Continuum Of Care

Trinity Woods offers peace of mind by providing a range of living options, which are designed to meet an individual’s wants and needs regardless of what the future brings.

There is comfort in remaining close to friends and loved ones during times of change. When you are faced with challenges in caring for yourself, you will be surrounded by a community you know and supported by our professional and caring staff.

Today, there’s a transformation in our approach to healthcare; a natural progression to even more compassionate, person-centered services – a place to rediscover the joy of living. Trinity Woods embraced this concept of person-centered care in 2010.

The architecture of the Health Center supports this concept. There are five Households: one for memory care, one for short-stay rehabilitation and three households for residential care. Each of these Households have a common living room, dining room, kitchen and outdoor spaces. This approach is designed to be familiar and comforting; it supports the community member/caregiver relationships and fosters feelings of being at home.

We believe more independence is gained when there is a close, trusting relationships with caregivers — people you come to know and who will get to know you as well. Everyone on the team shares in decision-making that can improve your experience. Each caregiver is cross-trained to step-up and help in a whole range of areas. Empowering our staff to take action is a core value in our philosophy.

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