OMM is Growing

While the pandemic may have slowed some things down around town, it has not stopped the construction for the two new Memory Care Households, Community Life Center or Maintenance Shop at OMM. These three major new construction projects are in full swing.

Phase II of the Generation to Generation Campaign construction consists of two new 12-bed Memory Care Households, a Community Life Center that includes a great hall attached to the new Holliman Center, and a new Maintenance Shop. The construction projects are happening simultaneously. The building pads for the Memory Care Households and Community Life Center are complete and the foundation work is well


“I am very pleased with how the construction is going,” said Dennis Graham, VP of Operations. “We are hoping to have the slab poured and in place on or before the middle of June. Once the slab is completed the framing will begin immediately and should be complete by late August.”

The Memory Care Households, which will be called the Barnes House and Marshall-Gaddy House, have foundations and the mechanical and plumbing rough-in process has started. The mechanical rough-in process will take about two weeks to complete. The slab process will begin immediately following the rough-in completion.

“We just received the building permit for the new Maintenance Shop and are excited to start that project,” said Jesse Stark, OMM Project Coordinator. “The new Maintenance Shop will be located on the northwest corner of the campus and requires the demo of three houses. The new building is a pre-engineered metal building and is scheduled to arrive in late June.”

The Community Life Center Great Hall foundation is completed. The below grade walls for the Great Hall will be completed by the end of May along with the remainder of the foundation work for the entire building. The mechanical rough-in process for this building will be completed by the middle of June.

COVID-19 Update – June 2020

Steve Dickie, Oklahoma Methodist Manor CEO, COVID-19 Update – June 2020

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of living and working at Oklahoma Methodist Manor, and we continue to balance the need to protect those who live and work on our campus with allowing the freedoms that make life worth living and our work meaningful. There is no doubt our process to balance protection with freedom will continue to evolve as this pandemic continues.

We have officially re-opened our campus to visitors to the residential living areas (Felt House, Villas, Patio Homes, Lakeside Homes, and Crestwood). Additionally, we have created “LOV Stations” on our campus that allow for residents of the Healthcare Households and Holliman Center to receive visitors safely. The restoration of guests to our campus has produced a great deal of joy, but it comes with increased responsibility for all.

Now, more than ever, we ask our community members, employees and their guests to please be mindful of these crucial infection control practices: wash your hands or use sanitizer frequently, always wear a face covering in public, and maintain physical distance from others whenever possible.

In addition to those most critical practices, please also be aware that all visitors to our campus are required to enter campus through our West Gate entrance (near New Haven Avenue and 31st Place). At that entrance, all persons who enter campus are screened for symptoms, contact with those potentially infected, and travel to or from COVID-19 “hotspots” to provide for the safety of our campus. Everyone entering campus must be symptom-free, not have been in contact with anyone suspected or confirmed COVID-positive and must not have recently been in a “hotspot.” We appreciate your cooperation with these requirements as you plan your visit. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding visiting our campus.

Meanwhile, rest assured we will continue to follow recommendations from the CDC across all parts of our campus, and guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) in the Healthcare Households and Holliman Center.

COVID-19 continues to require new levels of commitment to improve, grow, and change. I am confident that we will emerge with a renewed sense mission and purpose. We ask that you keep us in your prayers and please give as generously as you can if you are so led. Thank you for trusting us and helping to ensure there will always be a home where elders find a life worth living.

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