A Moveable Feast For The Spirit.

A Moveable Feast For The Spirit.
There are so many benefits to community living but one of the least recognized is the freedom it provides for those who love to travel. You’ve waited and worked and saved your whole life for retirement. Now it’s time to make the most of every day. For many, it’s a time to see the world. For the first time in your life, you have the time to go where you want. And, for those like-minded members here at OMM, a huge benefit is no home maintenance to worry about while you are away. Just lock up and go, secure in knowing everything will be cared for while you follow your dreams.

Warren and Lynette are a case in point. Lynette gets enthusiastic when she talks travel. She and her husband have lived in New York, London and Los Angeles as a consequence of Warren’s mission as a Methodist minister as well as shared careers in broadcasting, theater, and as writers.

It has been said that traveling is the only thing we can buy that actually makes us richer. That quote certainly applies to Warren and Lynette. When asked about their favorite places they have visited the answers span the globe, Warren says. “Brazil, definitely. As a young man my first mission was in Rio. The beauty of the view from Sugarloaf and the Christ the Redeemer statue are unforgettable. “Lynette’s favorite memories are from their trips to the Holy Land, ancient Palestine and the Dead Sea. She explains. “There is something deeply spiritual when walking the anciant cobblestone streets, some that date to the time of David. There is something holy about seeing the ruins of the ancient towns that are important to our faith.” Warren and Lynette have shared many travels over 46 years of marriage and are looking forward to many more to come.

Relationships are the key to happiness.

“If I had to pick one thing that’s the key to happiness, it’s relationships … the things we can do to broaden or deepen our relationships really lead to happiness.”— Gretchen Rubin, Author, The Happiness Project

Here at Methodist Manor the most undervalued, overlooked, the invisible benefit is the one of socialization…   loneliness is the new smoking…

If you have reached the point in your life where you see loneliness sneaking into your life, come visit us…. There are many yet-to-know best friends here already!

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