April STARS Employee of the Month

Maria Morris, Dining
» Start Date: September 2010
» Born and Raised: Buhi, Philippines
» Education: University of Saint Anthony
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Nurse
» Described by Friends: Nice, loving and friendly
» Hobbies: Watering her orchids
» Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16
» Family Recipe: Eggrolls and steamed rice cakes
» Favorite Book: Nancy Drew books
» Free Time: Enjoys playing mahjong and watching the fishing channel
» Fun Fact: I love Korean drama and K-pop boy bands – especially BTS Band!
» Family: Married for 25 years with three kids » What her supervisor says: “Maria is an asset to the Charter Oak restaurant. She constantly prepares fresh salads and fruits. She also helps her fellow employees when they are in need.” – Chef Kelsey Knouse

Volunteer Appreciation Week

By Irene Brown, Life Enrichment Coordinator


The Trinity Woods neighborhood is filled with servant-hearted people! That’s what makes us a caring community. Last year we counted 160 on-campus volunteers! The list below gives you an idea of just some of the work that community member volunteers, as well as some who don’t live here, do on our campus:

  • Run the Treasure Chest thrift shop
  • Show movies twice a week and choose those movies
  • Maintain and improve our two libraries
  • Push Health Center neighbors in wheelchairs to events
  • Set-up and serve meals at Supper & A Show
  • Support fundraising activities – Employee Appreciation
  • Help with party decorating
  • Advise the Chaplain
  • Play piano at weekly Devotions and special events
  • Advise the Wellness Team
  • Teach Summer School classes
  • Lead groups and gatherings such as Pickleball, Mah Jongg, Anna Bible Study, Ping Pong and more
  • Make and deliver a bear and a prayer to everyone in the Health Center
  • Serve on the Board, the Member Council and its committees
  • Act as Next Door Neighbors to newcomers
  • Host potential new members at events.

  • Many community members are also involved in volunteer work off campus, throughout greater Tulsa, in hospitals, churches, schools, and elsewhere, helping make our whole city a more caring community.

    Volunteering helps us age better. Research has shown that people who volunteer have higher levels of well-being and life satisfaction than people who don’t. Not only that but the older a person is, the greater the potential benefits of volunteering, making the simple act of giving back an essential part of staying healthy as we age.

    THANK YOU, volunteers, for all that you do for Trinity Woods and the Tulsa community!

Choosing to STRESS-LESS

By Lupina Fry, Wellness Nurse

As I struggle to cover this topic, a looming deadline ahead of me, I admit to feeling a little stressed. It’s normal to some degree. However, unrelenting, debilitating stress is not “normal”. Stress Awareness Month serves to remind us to be aware of health consequences so we can make good choices for ourselves and our families.

According to the National Institute of Health, although life itself can often be stressful; when you begin to experience problems with your health, you may be at higher risk for developing anxiety disorders or depression. Stress can affect your immune, digestive, or cardiovascular systems, your cognitive capabilities, and even your sleeping patterns.

Amazingly, although stress can be debilitating and can cause and/or aggravate health problems, we don’t always notice stress is happening to us. Careful attention to your body may shed light on your stress levels. Some subtle signs of stress can be frequent or recurring headaches; overeating, indigestion, or constipation; tense muscles-especially shoulders and neck; hair falling out; jaw or tooth pain; frequent colds or cold sores; confusion or forgetfulness; and sleep disturbances- either sleeping too little or
too much. Do any of these symptoms resonate with you?

If so, what can you do about the stress in your life? Begin by being honest with yourself. Then take a closer look at your environment, your to-do lists, and your commitment to others. Make yourself and your time a higher priority. Exercise can be one of the most effective de-stressors. Long walks in the fresh air
help destress and may improve some of the harsh effects stress has on the cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems. Eat healthy regular meals, stick to a sleep routine, and avoid drinking excess soft drinks, coffee, or alcohol. Give yourself permission to say “No”. Keep a journal and write down goals along with your feelings and positive self-supportive statements. Identify and challenge negative and unhelpful thoughts and confide in friends and family who may help you cope more positively.

If you are struggling to cope and symptoms do not resolve or begin to worsen, it may be time to talk to a professional. You can find more information on the National Institute of Mental Health website at www.nimh.nih.gov/findhelp.

April STARS Employee of the Month

Dunel Calixte, CMA, Holliman Center
» Start Date: June 2010
» Born and Raised: Jamaica
» Education: Tulsa Community College
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Photographer
» Favorite Sport: Soccer
» One Meal Forever: Chicken Enchiladas
» Described by Friends: Helpful and generous
» Hobbies: Writing Poetry
» First Job: Newspaper delivery boy
» Favorite Holiday: Easter
» Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music
» Favorite Book: Bible
» Collects: Stamps and Coins
» Fun Fact: I love to cook!
» What his supervisor says: “Dunel provides personalized care to the members of Holliman and
will go the extra mile to bring joy to those he serves. Dunel’s dedication to his work is admirable and is
appreciated by all. Trinity Woods is like no other place to live and work because of employees like Dunel.” – Britani Chappell, Director of Assisted Living

Making A Difference Through Local Governance

By Steve Dickie, CEO

In the world of senior living communities, people often ask what sets Trinity Woods apart? Most of the time I focus on the people because I know that is truly what makes Trinity Woods the community God has called us to be. One group of people that have significant impact on the Trinity Woods community is the Board of Directors.

One of the tremendous advantages of living at Trinity Woods is the benefit gained from the governance of a local Board. Everyone who serves on this Board lives right here in Tulsa and their sole purpose is dedicated to advancing the mission of Trinity Woods.

Every Board member supports Trinity Woods by giving of their time, talent and treasure:
Time: Each Board member commits to prepare for and participate in a monthly meeting.
Talent: Board members share their expertise by serving on a sub-committee: Finance and Audit, Development and Public Relations, Governance, Legal, Human Resources, and Property Trustees.
Treasure: Board members are asked to make an annual financial contribution that is significant to them. Trinity Woods relies on the generosity of faithful supporters to fulfill its mission and the Board leads the way with their financial support and by introducing the organization to new donors.

Our Board truly sets the future direction of Trinity Woods by approving and reviewing the organization’s strategic plan. They approve the annual operating and capital budgets, yearly audit, and review monthly financial performance. The support and assistance provided by this group of 24 dedicated volunteers is an essential ingredient to the success of this community.

As a professional in the nonprofit sector for my entire career, I know that a healthy working Board can make all the difference in an organization’s success. Please know the Trinity Woods Board of Directors is committed to working together to serve in the spirit of Christ and THAT is what makes all the difference.

Holy Week

By Weldon Tisdale, Chaplain

Holy Week is a string of eight days that allow us an opportunity to reflect upon the shift in humanity Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross launched. It starts with Palm Sunday when Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem. The week leads us through the Last Supper, His crucifixion, and ends on Easter Sunday with His resurrection. This is the basis of Christianity. His sacrifice launched the New Covenant God promised and many had prophesied throughout the Old Testament. Each day of Holy Week allows us to peek into
the heart of our Savior at intently close proximity. His love for us is reflected in every significant step toward the cross, every breath up to the last, and His resurrection.

Though Jesus didn’t walk the earth incarnate until He was born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph, He exists and works throughout the entirety of the Bible. Scripture assures us that He was present at Creation with the Father, that He is the Word, and many prophecies were fulfilled explicitly during this final, holy week of Jesus’ life on earth.

During Holy Week, many biblical prophesies were fulfilled. Jesus came to earth to save humanity by dying on the cross on Good Friday and resurrecting on Easter Sunday. By enduring and defeating death sacrificially for us, He swung open the gates of heaven, allowing our sins to be forgiven and ushering us into the presence of God.

Due to the sinful nature of humanity as a result of Adam and Eve’s fall in the garden of Eden, it’s impossible for us to be “good enough” to be in the presence of God and forgiven for our sins. Jesus died to make the way for salvation. The Old Testament Law offered many sacrifices to God, but Jesus was the perfect atoning sacrifice once and for all. He endured the cross out of His great love for us.

The crucifix does not signify defeat or failure. It reveals to us the love that overcomes evil and sin. ~ Pope Francis

Holy Week is a sacred opportunity to study the foundation of Christianity. Our God is not one of coincidence. Every step toward the cross was intentional, every lesson laced with His personal
love for all of us. Let each of us demonstrate unconditional love towards one another.

Adapted from Crosswalk.com

April Issue of The Trail Mix

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Making a Difference Through Local Governance!

Meet the Trinity Woods Board of Directors. In the world of senior living communities, people often ask what sets Trinity Woods apart? Most of the time we focus on the people because that is truly what makes Trinity
Woods the community God has called us to be. One of the tremendous advantages of living at Trinity Woods is the benefit gained from the governance of a local Board.

April STAR Employees of the Month are announced – Dunel and Maria!

April Wellness
We highlight Holy Week programs. The TW Wellness Nurse offers ways to help deal with stress. And we can’t forget all the events – Wednesday Morning Musicale celebrates its 100th anniversary concert on our campus! Learn more about Volunteer Appreciation Week from Life Enrichment Coordinator, Irene Brown.

New Neighbors
Meet Anne, Doug and Elisabeth, and George and Carol!

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