June Issue of The Trail Mix

In This Issue: Embracing the Journey!

At Trinity Woods we encourage people to live their best life and embrace retirement the way they always dreamed! In this issue we explore the wisdom that comes with aging and being open to the next chapter of life. Perhaps the most profound lesson gleaned from aging is the importance of living with intention and purpose. The wisdom of age implores us to seize each moment, to savor the simple pleasures, and to pursue our passions with unwavering zeal. Whether it’s pursuing a long-held dream, giving back to the community, or simply finding joy in the everyday moments, living life to the fullest means embracing each day as a gift and making the most of the time we have. As you will see in this issue, a few members have shared their insights on what makes life satisfying and sweet at any age.

What you will see as you read their advice is a poignant reminder that age is not merely a number but a testament to the richness of lived experiences. It’s a celebration of resilience, love, growth, and purpose—a testament to the enduring human spirit. So, let us heed the wisdom of age, for within its embrace lies the key to living a life of meaning, fulfillment, and abundance. We invite to the Trinity Woods way to belong, believe and become!

Your won’t want to miss special feature articles: about Father’s Day from Rev. Weldon Tisdale; Better Balance with Yoga from Wellness Manager Alison McMillan; and learn more about the Administrators in Training we are hosting at Trinity Woods.

June STAR Employee of the Month announced – Leslie!

June Wellness Events

This month’s featured events include a Young Talent Discovery Concert presented in partnership with Celebrity Attractions and the Tulsa PAC Trust, The Discovery Awards highlight and award excellence in high school musical theatre. A book review from Jeffrey Schmidt is Associate Professor of Marketing & Supply Chain and Associate Director, Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the University of Oklahoma. Don’t forget about the annual Men’s Event with guest speaker National Football League referee Clay Martin. And more concerts, classes and outings!

New Neighbors
Meet Jerry and Julie, and Phala!

Thank you for the Opportunity to Serve

By Garrett Lee, New Trinity Woods CEO

One thing we know for sure is that everything changes, right? Ecclesiastes (and the Byrds, circa 1967) inform us that there is a time for everything under the sun and a time to embrace. We have the privilege of embracing change together with the transition in leadership from Steve to myself.

I’m grateful for the divine timing of this transition and the symbolism that the Spring season sheds over this period; that is, we get to honor and remember yesterday, and experience the new growth and beauty that is possible because of a rich, cultivated foundation. Too deep for my first message to you? Oh, the fun we are going to have!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to join the Trinity Woods family and help continue the good work that has gone on here for many years, making it the amazing place it is today. Perhaps what I am most looking forward to is getting to know and building meaningful relationships with each of YOU.

We each bring a uniquely gifted set of personality, skills and perspective to this community which results in what I’ve experienced so far: a warm, welcoming, friendly and active environment at Trinity Woods. So, my message to you today as we start this new journey is simply thank you!

Thank you, Trinity Woods, for this opportunity to come alongside and serve with you. Thank you for sticking it out this last year through the CEO search and, thank you in advance for everything you are doing and will do to help make this leadership transition a seamless and successful one for everybody. I look forward to meeting each of you!

Garrett Lee
Trinity Woods, CEO

Getting Outside Is Good For Your Health

By Lupina Fry, Wellness Nurse

Springtime is a beautiful season with bursts of bright greens, pinks, and yellows everywhere you look. However, simply observing it through your living room window may not be beneficial for your overall health. According to the National Library of Medicine, spending time outdoors and in nature can significantly improve your physical and mental well-being.

In just 20 minutes, being outside can improve your physical wellness by increasing your Vitamin D level, which is important for bones, blood cells, and the immune system. Spending time in green spaces, at least 2 hours a week, can help reduce cortisol levels, decrease muscle tension, and lower blood pressure. Walking in nature or doing regular exercise, can lead to improved digestion, heart and lung
health, and weight loss while maintaining muscle strength. Additionally, it positively impacts circadian rhythm, which improves sleep quality.

Being outside in nature can improve mental health by improving our thinking, reasoning, and other cognitive abilities. It brings feelings of pleasure that can reduce stress, anxiety, tension, and mental fatigue. There are many ways to make getting outside part of your routine.

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heaves, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. … I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”
Ann Frank

For example, if you need to make a phone call, take it outside. Take up a hobby such as outdoor photography or bird watching. Invite a friend to sit outside with you and find a location where you can enjoy nature together such as one of the benches on the Trinity Woods campus. Get outside and enjoy nature and don’t forget to take your shoes off and feel the grass beneath your feet- it feels wonderful!

Is a Life Plan Community/ Continuing Care Retirement Community Right for You?

Life Plan Communities or Continuing Care Retirement Communities (communities like Trinity Woods) can be a wonderful solution for older adults who are independent and active today, but who seek the peace of mind that comes with living in a community that can provide assisted living or health care services if and when needed. But how do you know if a CCRC is right for you?

If you answer yes to most of these introductory questions, then it may be worth exploring your options further:

Do you want to downsize your homeowner responsibilities? (interior/exterior maintenance and repairs)

Do you like to plan ahead to control, reduce or eliminate the uncertainty about future housing and health care costs?

If you ever need assisted living or advanced healthcare services, do you want assurance that such services are guaranteed and provided by the community in which you live?

Would you prefer a social and active community environment—with various services and amenities available to you—that also affords you privacy and independence?

Are you interested in having easy access to a variety of wellness programs and other activities?

Would you like to reduce the number of meals you prepare by having access to a meal plan and possibly bistro-style dining options?

Do you want to reduce the chance that your adult children or other family members will be responsible to provide or coordinate assisted living or nursing care if you need it?

Are you prepared to possibly pay an entry fee and monthly service fees in exchange for the above?

Content provided with express written permission from myLifeSite | www.mylifesite.net

God Made You To Be You

By Weldon Tisdale, Chaplain
“Just be yourself!” The resounding encouragement most likely to be spoken to someone doubting their abilities. In the smash hit Frozen, Elsa had to learn to be herself, discarding the “conceal” message her parents had instilled in her as a child and harnessing her unique powers for the good of her kingdom.
In the smash hit Coco, young Miguel had to break out of the “make shoes” message of his parents and learn to be himself, a music-loving Mexican singer who brought joy to his village.

How does God feel about this message to “be yourself”? After reading the Bible, I would say that God cautiously loves it. We see God’s love for our uniqueness in Paul’s masterful analogy of the human body “God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be” 1 Corinthians 12:18. Just as God wants elbows to be elbows and eyeballs to be eyeballs, so also God wants you to be you. The idea that we are unique and are uniquely made for a purpose is wonderfully biblical. That begs the question—Who are you?

I’ve come to realize that I can read faster, write more clearly, and speak more easily than the average person. For me, “be you” looks like investing as much of my time into these God-given talents so that more people can get connected to Jesus.

And you? Are you wired for emotion, compassion, or comforting people? Do you have the courage to take that first step as a leader? Do you have the ability to come up with fresh ideas? I don’t know exactly how God made you, but I do know that God made you to be you…for Him. Because when you are who God created you to be for Him, you’ll be the best you possible.

Adapted from Pastor Mike Novotny at timeofgrace.org

May STARS Employee of the Month

Sandra Price – Dietary Aide

Start Date: December 2010
Born and Raised: Tulsa, OK
Wanted to be as a Kid: Fire Fighter
Favorite Sport: Hopscotch
One Meal Forever: Pork Chops and Cabbage
Described by Friends: Nice, Kind and Giving
Hobbies: Watching Movies
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Bible Verse: “Honor your mother and father.”
Family Recipe: Sweet Potato Pie
Favorite Book: Bible
Collects: Old Coins
Free Time: Watching grandkids.
Fun Fact: I like to have fun and play jokes!
What her supervisor says: “Sandra is always kind and compassionate with the members. She is willing to help staff and members daily. She is a pleasure to have on the Dietary Team and dependable.” – Liz Misak, Dietary Manager

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