February STARS Employee of the Month!

Our hearts are overflowing with love this month for all our OMM employees, but we are excited to announce Victoria Treiber, Wellness Coordinator for Holliman, as the February STAR of the Month. Thank you, Victoria for all you do to encourage and bring joy to OMM Members.

Victoria Treiber began her tenure at OMM in September of 2008. She was raised in Corpus Christie but, when her parents relocated to the area, she fell in love with Tulsa and is happy to have called it home for the last 20 years. Victoria enjoys baking and learning about photography when she is not working. She even secretly collects fun kitchen gadgets. Her favorite thing about her job is “seeing the relationships – new ones and ones that are rekindled.” She is the mother to one daughter who is 20 years old and lives in Tulsa.

What her supervisor says “One of the many traits I admire about Victoria is her ability to build relationships. She not only has strong relationships with the Members in Holliman but with Members in the whole community. This ability allows her to add a special touch to all her programs. She often gets members involved in sponsoring or hosting events and helps members create their own programming.

She makes members feel welcomed and enriches the lives of those that she serves,” said Jennifer Rawlings, VP of Wellness.

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