The Chapel a Place of Solace

The Chapel at Trinity Woods is a great place to meet those needs. It is located in the Fleming Center building between the administrative offices and Felt House entry. It is available for all to use.

There are regularly scheduled programs in the Chapel such as Bible studies, worship and memorial services, or it can be used for quiet reflection, meditation and prayer. We are fortunate to be in an environment where faith, wellness, and healing work hand in hand.

The Chapel is a non-denominational spiritual place where community members, patients, families, visitors, employees, and volunteers can find solitude and comfort in moments of stress or pain. Over the years, the Chapel has become an inclusive place where people, irrespective of their faith, have found a haven – a place where despair and hope are expressed and healing can begin.

Donated by Dr. Lawrence and Mildred Lacour, the Chapel was designed specifically to be an environment of comfort when people are grappling with issues that directly affect one’s health and well-being. In the process of coping with crises, guilt, loneliness, pain, anxiety, fear of death or fear of some other loss, the Chapel allows individuals to focus on spiritual strength and encouragement.

Are you grappling with life and all its intricate and sometimes painful details? Do you need a place where you can escape for a few moments to center your thoughts, refocus your mind or fi nd comfort in times of crisis?

The chapel at trinity woods is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We invite all to take a moment and quiet your Spirit in this serene atmosphere, where all are welcome to Belong. Believe. Become.

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