Spiritual Wellness – An Important Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

What exactly is Spiritual Wellness? Simply put, it’s about being connected to something greater than yourself. One of the amazing things about spiritual wellness is that the pursuit of it is unique for each person. Spiritual practices should support who you are and give you a framework for navigating each stage of life. Many people prefer to practice kindness and gratitude, while others exercise their creativity or are mindful about connecting with nature and others. And for many at Trinity Woods it includes faith and religious practices.

“Whether it’s organized religion or belief in a higher power that brings comfort, spiritual wellness fills an important role for many people that goes deeper than just attending worship services,” said Weldon Tisdale, Trinity Woods Chaplain. “It’s an opportunity to socialize, learn and grow, as well as gain comfort through some of life’s more difficult moments.”

For Trinity Woods, spirituality and wellness are woven deeply throughout the fabric of the community, connecting residents with a sense of “belonging.” The common ground and relationships fostered help heal broken hearts, soothe the mind, bring warmth and caring relationships, and even have an impact on individual health.

“Different stages of life bring different needs, and things we didn’t have time for while managing careers and family can become more important. Many times, we put off spiritual wellness, but it really is an important part of a healthy life,” said Weldon.

At Trinity Woods there is a strong focus every day for community members and employees to practice the seven dimensions of wellness. Putting spiritual practices into place now and making sure you have spiritual support will go a long way toward helping you age well in mind, body, and spirit.

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