Volunteer Appreciation Week

By Irene Brown, Life Enrichment Coordinator


The Trinity Woods neighborhood is filled with servant-hearted people! That’s what makes us a caring community. Last year we counted 160 on-campus volunteers! The list below gives you an idea of just some of the work that community member volunteers, as well as some who don’t live here, do on our campus:

  • Run the Treasure Chest thrift shop
  • Show movies twice a week and choose those movies
  • Maintain and improve our two libraries
  • Push Health Center neighbors in wheelchairs to events
  • Set-up and serve meals at Supper & A Show
  • Support fundraising activities – Employee Appreciation
  • Help with party decorating
  • Advise the Chaplain
  • Play piano at weekly Devotions and special events
  • Advise the Wellness Team
  • Teach Summer School classes
  • Lead groups and gatherings such as Pickleball, Mah Jongg, Anna Bible Study, Ping Pong and more
  • Make and deliver a bear and a prayer to everyone in the Health Center
  • Serve on the Board, the Member Council and its committees
  • Act as Next Door Neighbors to newcomers
  • Host potential new members at events.

  • Many community members are also involved in volunteer work off campus, throughout greater Tulsa, in hospitals, churches, schools, and elsewhere, helping make our whole city a more caring community.

    Volunteering helps us age better. Research has shown that people who volunteer have higher levels of well-being and life satisfaction than people who don’t. Not only that but the older a person is, the greater the potential benefits of volunteering, making the simple act of giving back an essential part of staying healthy as we age.

    THANK YOU, volunteers, for all that you do for Trinity Woods and the Tulsa community!

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