Making A Difference Through Local Governance

By Steve Dickie, CEO

In the world of senior living communities, people often ask what sets Trinity Woods apart? Most of the time I focus on the people because I know that is truly what makes Trinity Woods the community God has called us to be. One group of people that have significant impact on the Trinity Woods community is the Board of Directors.

One of the tremendous advantages of living at Trinity Woods is the benefit gained from the governance of a local Board. Everyone who serves on this Board lives right here in Tulsa and their sole purpose is dedicated to advancing the mission of Trinity Woods.

Every Board member supports Trinity Woods by giving of their time, talent and treasure:
Time: Each Board member commits to prepare for and participate in a monthly meeting.
Talent: Board members share their expertise by serving on a sub-committee: Finance and Audit, Development and Public Relations, Governance, Legal, Human Resources, and Property Trustees.
Treasure: Board members are asked to make an annual financial contribution that is significant to them. Trinity Woods relies on the generosity of faithful supporters to fulfill its mission and the Board leads the way with their financial support and by introducing the organization to new donors.

Our Board truly sets the future direction of Trinity Woods by approving and reviewing the organization’s strategic plan. They approve the annual operating and capital budgets, yearly audit, and review monthly financial performance. The support and assistance provided by this group of 24 dedicated volunteers is an essential ingredient to the success of this community.

As a professional in the nonprofit sector for my entire career, I know that a healthy working Board can make all the difference in an organization’s success. Please know the Trinity Woods Board of Directors is committed to working together to serve in the spirit of Christ and THAT is what makes all the difference.

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