Wellness at Trinity Woods…

By Jennifer Rawlings, Your Friendly Neighborhood Wellness Guru

Today’s seniors are living longer than ever, and their wellness routines are evolving to ensure each new year brings not only physical health, but also purpose and contentment. That’s why Trinity Woods takes a multifaceted approach to wellness. We invite everyone to redefine what it means to live and be well
at every age.

Wellness can look different to each individual and there are many factors that can influence each person’s wellness. Your beliefs, values, education, traditions, environment and past experiences all shape what wellness means to you.

According to a survey by the International Council on Active Aging, senior living communities are increasingly moving away from a care-first mindset and toward a wellness lifestyle with options for care available. For the Trinity Woods community this has been our mindset for years.

We embrace wellness in all areas of campus with these types of wellness programs:
• Education and lifelong learning
• Exercise (led by both instructors and technology)
• Health education and disease management
• Food and nutrition education and preparation
• Intergenerational programs linking youth and older adults
• Social and cultural events

The goal of the Wellness Team at Trinity Woods is for there to be a true sense of achievement where residents are learning and developing, fostering relationships with meaningful interactions, and fulfilling their purpose. This is accomplished by focusing on the seven dimensions of healthy aging: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Environmental and Vocational.

When you participate in a physical, social, or educational program you are actively working to improve your longevity and overall well-being. Wellness is ingrained in the culture of Trinity Woods.
We would love to discuss how we can help you achieve your wellness goals.

If you want more information about wellness opportunities for yourself or a loved one, available at Trinity Woods, contact Jennifer Rawlings, VP of Wellness at 918.346.6663.

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