OMM Welcomes Rebekah Wood as Student Artist In-Residence (SAIR)

Starting in August, OMM will be continuing our Student-Artist In-Residence (SAIR) partnership with the Theatre Department at Oral Roberts University. New this year will be the additional partnership with TimeSlips. This partnership incorporates the principles and techniques of Applied Theater and Creative Storytelling in the Healthcare Households to bring meaning, purpose and joy into the lives of elders through creative engagement. Adding the TimeSlips component to the SAIR program allows us to have additional resources and programs to enhance the programs we provide in the Health Center.

This year’s SAIR is Rebekah Wood, a sophomore at ORU majoring in Musical Theatre. Rebekah is from Austin, TX and has performed in over 17 plays including performances at ORU.

Rebekah’s goal with the SAIR and TimeSlips program is to engage members at OMM through improv, creative storytelling and drama. Serving and helping people is a strong focus for Rebekah and she is looking forward to making an impact in the elder’s day and bringing a smile to their faces, which is something that theatre can do for everyone who participates.

During Rebekah’s residency, she will live in the Felt House. She will be a present and supportive member of the OMM community by spending time daily and planning Creative Storytelling workshops for the elders.

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