A continuation of 5 Steps to Successful Decision Making

Dealing with a house full of possessions and memories.

Sorting through belongings is often what stops people from moving forward… the thought of going through, sometimes 40-50 years of things, can seem overwhelming.  It’s easier to just give up and stay put….  It may be “Where do I even start?”  It may be “I don’t want to give that up… it has great sentimental value.”  The physical work that is involved may be too much and causes another stumbling block.

The good news is that you don’t have to sort through everything. Focus on what you need as basics. Then focus on what you’d like to keep if you have room for it.  There are many professional “Senior Move Managers” and they have experience working with those over the age of 65 and understand the anxiety that can come with this kind of task. They can come to your home with the floor plan you’ve selected in the community you’re moving to and help you decide what will fit where in your new place, pack items to be moved, shipped or sold, arrange for professional movers, unpack and remove the mess.  They are usually a great resource for estate sale companies, house cleaning, and realtors.

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