Would, coulda, shoulda!

Imagine having had the foresight to get land in Oklahoma back in 1889, or picking the Jets in the Super Bowl in 1968, or investing in Apple in 1980. Well, it’s kinda like that.

Would, coulda, shoulda! If you only knew then what you know now. Now you can. It’s never too late to get a smart plan for your future. Why not reserve a spot now on the OMM Wait List and look forward to living at Tulsa’s premier retirement community, Oklahoma Methodist Manor. Call 918.574.2590 to schedule a personal tour.

At OMM, we are always happy to show off this great community. Join us for one of our Information Sessions or call to schedule a personal visit. Visiting provides the perfect opportunity to see first hand how easy it can be to make OMM your home, and to meet and ask questions of members! Get the inside scoop from those that live here!

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