Why Would Someone Choose to Live in a Senior Living Community?

By Steve Dickie, CEO

I get asked the above question all the time! Most people have an outdated image of senior living. Many view the aging process as an inevitable sequence of progressive decline and loss. At Trinity Woods we are convinced that does not have to be case. It is possible to gain new friends, find new purpose and meaning, and restore physical health.

Gaining New Friends: It is true that we all reach the age where our long-term relationships begin changing. People die. People move. Yet one person told me recently, “At Trinity Woods my social network has grown! I’ve picked up many new friends since my move here. The move here has been the best decision of my life.”

Finding Purpose and Meaning: No one likes to be bored, at any age. Most retirees have led a productive and active life, and then suddenly find themselves trying to find their new normal. Who says you have to be in school to learn a new language or skill? People at any age, physical ability and mental acuity can find new, stimulating interests through a variety of activities. Residents at Trinity Woods are encouraged to find a new or reinvest time in their passion.

Restoring Physical Health: Did you know that, even in your 80s or 90s, you can benefit from physical training? You can build strength and improve balance. The classes offered in the Spann Wellness Center offer practical coaching that can help improve your ability to do everyday tasks like loading the washer and dryer and carrying groceries.

What are the most common reflections of people who live at Trinity Woods? People say, “I should have made the move sooner.” “I have never had so much peace of mind.” “My kids have never seen me happier. And, I have more friends and I am more engaged than I was in my home.”

The vision of Trinity Woods is to set a new standard for senior living by redefining aging!
You deserve a retirement life that has a style all its own. Your style! Trinity Woods enables
you to live life in the style you want to live.

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