Trinity Woods Seeks Board Nominations

Trinity Woods is a mission driven organization and has one purpose. Our reason for being is clear – we serve the Trinity Woods family in the spirit of Christ. Every year we search for people who are willing to dedicate themselves to advancing our mission by serving on the Board of Directors.

Board members are expected to commit their time, talent, and treasure:
• The time commitment involves preparing for and participating in a Board monthly meeting.
• The talents of the Board member are called upon as they off er their expertise through involvement in
committee work.
• The treasure acknowledges the responsibility of Board members to include Trinity Woods as they
make decisions about their charitable giving.

We encourage the Trinity Woods community to submit nominations to the Governance Committee. If you wish to nominate someone, you must fill out the Nomination Form and submit it by Friday, December 16, 2022. Every nominee that is submitted will be reviewed. If they are not selected for this year, the committee maintains a list of prospective Board members for future consideration.

To receive a Nomination Form, contact Heidi Garrett, at 918-346-6671 or

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