Over 65 Years of Neighbor Helping Neighbor

What exactly does that mean – neighbor helping neighbor? Neighbors play an important
role in our community and our lives. Throughout your life I am sure interactions with
neighbors has meant many things – borrowing a cup of sugar, babysitting, yard chores, or
sharing a meal. But when you live at Trinity Woods, it means so much more.

When we did the research for our new name, people used terms like “neighbor” and
“kindness” to describe the community. I remember thinking, “Isn’t that interesting but
not surprising.” We have always been a community where love of and kindness to others
defines our very essence. Like the traveling stranger in the parable of the Good Samaritan,
we have all been “beaten up” by the world around us. We have all been abandoned “on the
side of the road” of disillusionment, loneliness, or despair. All of us need others to show
us grace and mercy.

Since announcing our new name, I have been overwhelmed by seeing this “neighbor”
persona in action. Just last month, I heard story after story of neighbor assisting neighbor
when a storm knocked out the power in one of the buildings on campus. Neighbors going
door-to-door to check on each other, neighbors walking flights of stairs to bring others

I think of the group of widows who live on campus who share a deep friendship. In fact,
they describe each other as “a best friend.” When I asked about the length of their
friendship, they told me they had only met since living at Trinity Woods. Isn’t that amazing,
discovering your best friend in life here?

I could go on and on about our community members and their stories of friendship and
kindness – or as we call it “being neighborly”. That is what living at Trinity Woods is all
about – neighbors helping, welcoming, and extending grace to others. I think our ads
say it best “everyone being welcome just comes naturally…seems like the Christian and
neighborly, thing to do.”

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