March STARS Employee Of The Month – Lori Johnson, Wellness Coordinator

We are so lucky to have Lori Johnson, Wellness Coordinator for the Health Center, as the March STARS employee of the month. Lori Johnson will celebrate her ninth year with OMM in April. “Bringing joy, laughter and comfort to all who live and work at OMM” is what she loves about her job.

Lori was born and raised in rural Nebraska on a farm. Her caregiving nature started at an early age when she began sewing and cooking to help her mother and grandmother. After high school she went to Northeast Technical Community College and became an LPN. There is little she hasn’t done in the nursing fi eld and truly believes caring for people is her calling.

Lori is a strong supporter and volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association. In fact, she always wears purple “to remember all those we have loved and lost.” She collects teacups and Precious Moments figurines. She still enjoys cooking and sewing and even singing. One time in college when traveling across Europe she sang at Notre Dame Cathedral.

When she is not spending time with OMM elders she enjoys her family’s Wednesday Night Dinners. Lori and her husband, Bill, have been married 37 years next month. They have four grown children – twin boys, one daughter and a son. She is also the proud grandma of nine grandchildren.

What her supervisor says  “You can find Lori everywhere on campus. Her presence is really known at events. She sees an opportunity takes note and adjusts. She works out the logistics and solicits help from volunteers to make sure the Health Center elders have the opportunity to attend events. This is just one-way Lori’s passion shines through for the elders she serves.” Jennifer Rawlings, VP of Wellness.

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