Measure It So You Can Manage It – The Challenge Results Are In!

by Jennifer Rawlings, Your Friendly Neighborhood Measuring and Managing Guru

This year’s Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge was a huge success! We are excited to report the Trinity Woods community is definitely up for this annual fitness challenge. Each year as a Wellness Team we like to brainstorm what we can do to help our community members and employees set and reach their health goals.

We view this challenge as an important opportunity for setting goals in the holiday season and conscious of your body composition and diet. The goal is to help members and employees recognize and understand that weight is composed of multiple factors. We often get too caught up in the number on the scale rather than considering aspects of muscle mass and body fat. The challenge was not merely based on weight. The challenge was for participants to maintain or lose body fat over the holiday season. To
meet the challenge, you could not gain 5 lbs or more of body fat.

While the results are still coming in for the Trinity Woods employees, we can inform you that the Trinity Woods community members met the goal this year as 96% of those participating successfully completed the challenge. A total of 56.7 lbs of muscle was gained and 105.5 lbs of fat was lost over the holiday season! That makes this wellness challenge our most successful one yet. Way to go TW Community!

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