Celebrating the Generosity of Legacy Giving

Many of us have causes we have donated to throughout our lifetime to help charities and nonprofits with funding their mission. But have you ever thought about what it would look like to continue that generosity past your lifetime?

In the philanthropy world that is called a planned gift or legacy giving. While donations during your lifetime usually answer the question: “How can I help today?”. Planned or legacy gifts answer the questions: “How can I help tomorrow?” and “How would I like to be remembered?”.

These types of gifts to a charity or non-profit organization are usually in your last will and testament. They can include a piece of property, cash, a percentage of your estate or, in the case of Trinity Woods a donation of your membership fee refund. Legacy gifts play a key role in supporting charitable organizations, that is why the Tin Man Society was created.

“In November the Tin Man Society will celebrate 10 years of people leaving their legacy at Trinity Woods by making a commitment to the future of this organization,” said Steve Dickie, CEO. “Over the years gifts that have come from Tin Man Society members have really allowed Trinity Woods to do great things to continue our mission. These types of gifts are critical to making a difference for years to come.”

The Tin Man Society was established in 2013 by members as a way to ensure the mission of Trinity Woods endures. It is a legacy giving program that recognizes donors who support Trinity Woods through their estate plans, wills or gifts of assets.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Tin Man Society through a legacy gift, you can learn more about opportunities on page 3 or feel free to reach out to Bonnie Polak at bpolak@trinitywoodstulsa.com or 918.346.6639

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