We Stand on Giant’s Shoulders

By Steve Dickie, CEO

All of us share a common debt to the many others who “prepared the way” for us by shaping our community and giving of themselves in ways which served to our benefit. Because of their kindness and
generosity our lives have been enriched and as they served the greater good. There is a collective blessing we inherit that we are now obligated to build upon and pass on to others. It is true: we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Rev. Elson Hargrove joined the staff of Trinity Woods (then Oklahoma Methodist Manor) as Assistant
Health Care Administrator in 1984. He went on to be Health Care Administrator and later Executive
Director prior to his retirement in 1996.

During his tenure he was involved in the construction of the Fleming Center, the Patio Homes, and the Health Center. Rev. Hargrove had the distinction of hiring Dennis Graham (now Chief Operating
Officer) as a contractor in 1995.

Dennis described Rev. Hargrove as a kind and compassionate leader who was always looking out for the residents and staff.

Elson and Joyce Hargrove now reside in the very Health Center he helped to build. It is an honor and a privilege for all of us to serve those who served us so well.

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