A Stroll Down ‘Memory Care’ Lane

By Sadie Krywicki, Trinity Woods Memory Care Manager

It has been one year since Trinity Woods opened our memory care assisted living houses. At the time, I remember everyone asking, “what makes these houses so special when it comes to memory care?”

The Marshall-Gaddy and Barnes Houses are the newest memory care homes in Tulsa and their unique small house model is unlike any other in the area. Each home offers 12 private rooms with living quarters for each resident, a family-style dining area and open kitchen with full meal service, along with trained caregivers 24 hours-a-day.

However, what makes these houses truly feel like home is our philosophy to encourage residents’ maximum autonomy. Instead of a stringent schedule, we provide options and empower residents to take ownership of their choices. They enjoy shopping, exploring Tulsa attractions and events, attending on-campus events, arts and crafts, baking, music, dancing, and reminiscing in each other’s company.

I have enjoyed watching the residents become a family to each other. Each day brings a new opportunity to fi nd or invigorate someone’s purpose. For example, we have a retired nurse who we often find ‘checking on her patients’ throughout the day and making sure everyone in the house is cared for. We have another gentleman who enjoys entertaining everyone by playing guitar and piano, making everyone smile.

Our “household” model encourages consistent communication and care between caregivers and residents which develops stronger relationships. This allows us to more quickly identify changes in behavior and other concerns in order to make earlier adjustments to lifestyle or treatment, if necessary.

Dementia affects everyone differently and our team is constantly adjusting so that residents have a person-centered experience. We know when we provide residents with a familiar, calm atmosphere that feels and looks like home, the state of their well-being can significantly improve.

For more information about Trinity Woods memory care options call 918.743.2565 or visit TrinityWoodsTulsa.com.

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