September STARS Employee of the Month

Heidi Garrett
Executive Administrative Assistant
Start Date: January 2022
Born: Barstow, California
Raised: All over the US (military family) graduated from Kellyville High School
Wanted to be as a Kid: A Cowgirl
Favorite Sport: Softball
One Meal Forever: Garden Tuna Salad
Described by Friends: Smart, kind and fun
First Job: Western Sizzler Hostess
Family Recipe: Holiday Hashbrown Casserole
Favorite Movie: Kiss Me Kate (1953)
Favorite Book: Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Collects: Hats
Free Time: Taking spontaneous road trips with friends and family
Family: Married with one son
What her supervisor says: “We are all very fortunate to have Heidi Garrett on our team. Her enthusiasm and cheerful smile greet everyone she encounters. She joyfully takes on all kinds of challenges. When we count our blessings, we count Heidi!” – Steve Dickie, CEO

August STARS Employee of the Month

Barbara Bradley, Housekeeping

Start Date: October 2018
Born and Raised: Tulsa, OK
Wanted to be as a Kid: Flight Attendant
Favorite Sport: Football
One Meal Forever: Macaroni and Cheese
Described by Friends: Caring and Giving
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Quote: Always be kind and honest.
Favorite Movie: Anything with Julia Roberts
Favorite Book: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Collects: Old Tin Cans
Family: Married with three grown children
What her supervisor says: “Barbara has worked here almost 5 years. She started as a housekeeper in Holliman and now works in the ground floor laundry. She services mostly our licensed areas doing multiple loads of linen daily. She does several pickups a day and returns them, so they never have to do without. She does a fantastic job keeping the laundry operating efficiently and smoothly. We are fortunate to have her on our Team!” – Cathy Green, Housekeeping Manager

July STAR Employee of the Month

Angie Bennett, Wellness Team
Start Date: May 2022
Born and Raised: Tulsa, OK
Education: Oklahoma State University
Wanted to be as a Kid: Horse jockey or truck driver
One Meal Forever: Pizza
Described by Friends: Kind and generous
First Job: Sharpes Department Store
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Collects: Starbucks Mugs
Free Time: Journaling
Family: Married with five grown children

What her collegue says: “In just 20 hours per week, “Amazing Angie” handles hundreds of reservations, creates and manages the screen slides throughout
campus, keeps Viibrant up to date, answers member questions and assists them with reservations, and
handles other special projects, all with precision, excellence, and grace. She is a marvelous colleague
and a joy to work with!” Irene Brown, Life Enrichment Coordinator

June STAR of the Month

Lori Morton, Member Services
» Start Date: May 2022
» Born: Rossville, Illinois
» Raised: Illinois and Oklahoma
» Wanted to be as a Kid: A physician or Novelist
» One Meal Forever: Fried Chicken
» Hobbies: Sewing, Crafting and Reading
» First Job: Waitress at Pizza Hut
» Favorite Holiday: Halloween, so I can dress up!
» First Car: Buick Regal
» Favorite Movie: Urban Cowboy
» Favorite Book: Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
» Free Time: Enjoys spending time with her dog Lucy a Red Heeler
» Fun Fact: She won “Top Sales Person” at her last job and she was the receptionist
» What her supervisor says: “Lori has great attention to detail. She is a bright spot in Crestwood and is
always kind and helpful to everyone on campus. It makes my job easier knowing I can depend on her.”
– Carri Matheson, Director of Member Services

May STARS Employee of the Month

Greg Nievar – Maintenance
» Start Date: July 2022
» Born and Raised: Garden Grove, CA
» Education: Quinton High School and OSU-Tech
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Football Player
» One Meal Forever: Seafood
» Described by Friends: Always has a dad joke ready!
» Hobbies: Golf, Coloring and Gardening
» Favorite Holiday: Christmas
» Favorite Bible Verse: “Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will
dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” – Psalm 23:6
» First Car: 1961 Chevy Pickup
» Favorite Movie: Jungle Book (animated)
» Fun Fact: Met his wife on a blind date and then eloped in Vegas and got married.
» Family: Married for 37 years with three daughters
» What his supervisor says: “Greg has taken to heart our “Mission Vision Values” and you can see it in how he takes care of the members on a daily basis.” – Ty Westlake, Facilities Manager

April STARS Employee of the Month

Maria Morris, Dining
» Start Date: September 2010
» Born and Raised: Buhi, Philippines
» Education: University of Saint Anthony
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Nurse
» Described by Friends: Nice, loving and friendly
» Hobbies: Watering her orchids
» Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16
» Family Recipe: Eggrolls and steamed rice cakes
» Favorite Book: Nancy Drew books
» Free Time: Enjoys playing mahjong and watching the fishing channel
» Fun Fact: I love Korean drama and K-pop boy bands – especially BTS Band!
» Family: Married for 25 years with three kids » What her supervisor says: “Maria is an asset to the Charter Oak restaurant. She constantly prepares fresh salads and fruits. She also helps her fellow employees when they are in need.” – Chef Kelsey Knouse

April STARS Employee of the Month

Dunel Calixte, CMA, Holliman Center
» Start Date: June 2010
» Born and Raised: Jamaica
» Education: Tulsa Community College
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Photographer
» Favorite Sport: Soccer
» One Meal Forever: Chicken Enchiladas
» Described by Friends: Helpful and generous
» Hobbies: Writing Poetry
» First Job: Newspaper delivery boy
» Favorite Holiday: Easter
» Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music
» Favorite Book: Bible
» Collects: Stamps and Coins
» Fun Fact: I love to cook!
» What his supervisor says: “Dunel provides personalized care to the members of Holliman and
will go the extra mile to bring joy to those he serves. Dunel’s dedication to his work is admirable and is
appreciated by all. Trinity Woods is like no other place to live and work because of employees like Dunel.” – Britani Chappell, Director of Assisted Living

March STARS Employee of the Month

Carlena Lambert, LPN Admit and Discharge Nurse

» Start Date: December 2019
» Born: Claremore, OK
» Education: Sequoyah High School and Northeast Tech Center
» Wanted to be as a Kid: A nurse, just like my grandmother.
» One Meal Forever: Anything with queso!
» Described by Friends: Fun, loving, a nurturer.
» Hobbies: My dogs – Bailey and Cooper!
» First Job: Eskimo Joes in Eastland Mall
» Family Recipe: My mom’s cheesecake
» Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
» Collects: Lap blankets
» Free Time: Spending time with my family.
» Fun Fact: Has been a nurse for 18 years!
» Family: Married with one son.
» What her supervisor says: “Carlena’s welcoming nature contributes to the first impression of our
elders as they admit to the Health Center, as well as, the confidence she provides to the elders as they
discharge home.” – Cheryl Hrdlicka, Director of Nursing

March STARS Employee of the Month

David Kruse, Dining

» Start Date: August 2019
» Born and Raised: Tusa, OK
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Taller
» Favorite Sport: Marble Racing
» One Meal Forever: Kelsey’s Butter Chicken
» Hobbies: Longboarding
» First Job: Ranch hand
» Favorite Quote: “Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.”
» First Car: 1988 Oldsmobile
» Favorite Movie: Interstellar
» Collects: 1995 coins or bills
» Free Time: Spending time with my daughter
» What his supervisor says: ““David is a very hard working and dedicated employee. He is always
willing to lend a hand when help is needed. We are lucky to have him on the team.” – Richard
Applegate, Director of Food Services

December STARS Employee of the Month

Mandie Marler- LPN, Holliman Center

» Start Date: August 2013
» Born and Raised: St. Lucia, Caribbean
» Education: Connors State College
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Veterinarian
» Favorite Sport: Soccer
» One Meal Forever: Tacos
» Described by Friends: Funny but reserved
» Hobbies: Reading
» Favorite Holiday: Christmas
» Favorite Quote: “We got this!”
» Family Recipe: Curry Chicken
» Collects: Sunglasses
» Fun Fact: Plays the piano
» What her supervisor says: “There is no doubt that the residents are treated like family when Mandie is
working. Mandie goes above and beyond to ensure her residents are doing well, whether they are in the
hospital or in our Health Center. Mandie is always willing to lend a helping hand to ensure her team’s success.” – Britani Chappell, Director of Assisted Living

November STARS Employee of the Month

Michael Pigeon – Cook, Dining
» Start Date: June 2007
» Born: Claremore, OK
» Raised: Turley, OK
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Zoologist
» Favorite Sport: Wrestling
» One Meal Forever: Pizza
» Described by Friends: Dependable
» Hobbies: Competitive Gamer
» First Job: Tour Guide at the Tulsa Zoo
» Family Recipe: Biscuits and Gravy
» Collects: Buffalo Nickles
» Motivated By: To honor my dad
» What his supervisor says: “Michael is a great employee. He is very caring, dependable, and
respectful. He has made tremendous professional growth in the time that he has worked here and has
become a true asset to the Charter Oak restaurant as well as the organization and its members.” – Kelsey Knouse, Charter Oak Chef

November STARS Employee of the Month

Anderson Bambokile – Household Manager, Health Center

» Start Date: February 2021
» Born and Raised: Zambia in Central Southern Africa
» Education: Ozark Christian College and Tulsa Tech
» Favorite Sport: Soccer
» Described by Friends: Caring, kind, wise, humorous and hardworking
» Hobbies: Cooking and Grilling
» First Job: Collecting samples in a copper mine
» Favorite Quote or Bible Verse: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord,
not for human masters.” Colossian 3:23
» Family Recipe: African Chicken Curry
» Favorite Book: A Savior Worth Having by E.V. Hill
» Collects: Seiko Watches
» Family: Married with three children
» What his supervisor says: Anderson is compassionate, and devoted to his faith, family, staff
and elders. His positive attitude brightens everyone’s day.” – Cheryl Hrdlicka, Director of Nursing

October STAR of the Month

Kelley Haralson, Dining

» Start Date: April 2019
» Born: Houston, TX
» Raised: Tulsa, OK
» Education: Central High School and Tulsa Junior College
» Favorite Sport: Volleyball
» One Food Forever: Pizza and salad
» Described by Friends: Caring, hardworking, helpful and devoted
» First Job: Pizza Hut Server
» Favorite Holiday: Halloween
» Family Recipe: Meatloaf
» Favorite Movie: The Notebook
» Collects: Antiques and old coins
» Free Time: Reading, watching television and visiting family and friends
» Fun Fact: Once owned an ice cream business
» What her supervisor says: “Kelley is a great employee. She is always putting everyone ahead of herself. She is truly a sweet and kind person. We are privileged to have her on our team and at Trinity Woods.” – Latasha Grundy, Dining Supervisor

October STAR of the Month

Stephanie Lieb – Housekeeping

» Start Date: May 2017
» Born: Torrance, CA
» Raised: Gardena, CA and Tulsa, OK
» Education: Will Rogers High School and Community Care College
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Veterinarian or Lawyer
» Favorite Sport: Football
» Described by Friends: Strong, smart, resilient and kind.
» Hobbies: Diamond paintings and crafts
» First Job: Dietary Aide
» Family Recipe: Deviled eggs or Great Grandma’s Baked Beans
» Favorite Book: Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
» Family: Married with four boys
» What her supervisor says: “Stephanie does her job well and cares about the members she serves. She is an asset to Trinity Woods and our team” – Cathy Green, Director of Housekeeping

August STARS Employee of the Month

Clarence Elliott, Transportation
» Start Date: October 2021
» Born and Raised: Tulsa, OK
» Wanted to be as a Kid: A Navy man
» Described by Friends: Sincere and Dependable
» Hobbies: Listening to old albums and reading
» First Job: Mr. Cecil’s Barber Shop
» Favorite Bible Verse: “Blessed is he who considers the poor.” Psalms 41:1
» Favorite Book: My name is Charlie Wilson by Charlie Wilson
» Family: Married with 5 children
» What his supervisor says: “Clarence is a very conscientious person and always goes above and beyond in helping our members. It is a pleasure to a have person like him to work with.” – Cliff Mosley, Transportation Supervisor

August STARS Employee of the Month

Amy McDaniel, Housekeeping
» Start Date: June 2018
» Born: Gardenia, CA
» Raised: San Francisco, CA
» One Meal Forever: Tacos
» First Job: McDonalds
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Singer
» Family Recipe: Goulash
» Favorite Book: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
» Hobby: Crocheting
» Family: Married with six children
» What her supervisor says: “Amy is a thoughtful and conscientious worker. She is happy to do the work needed to get the job done right. She is an asset to our team and to the member we serve”. – Cathy Green, Housekeeping Supervisor

July STARS Employee of the Month

Laura Myers, Dining
» Start Date: January 2022
» Born and Raised: Tulsa, OK
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Archaeologist
» Family Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie
» Hobbies: Cooking and Yardwork
» Favorite Holiday: Halloween
» Favorite Saying: “Nothing changes…if nothing changes.”
» Spends Free Time: Cooking, Sleeping and Traveling
» Fun Fact: I am actually very shy when I first meet people.
» What her supervisor says: “Laura is a blast to work with. She is always smiling and laughing and truly
loves serving our members.” – Stacy Pine, Dining Supervisor

July STARS Employee of the Month

Cathy Green, Housekeeping Manager
» Start Date: August 2009
» Born and Raised: Tulsa, OK
» Wanted to be as a Kid: An Adult
» Described by Friends: Crusty on the outside but a marshmallow on the inside.
» Hobbies: Trail Hiking and Fishing
» One Food Forever: Pizza
» Special Skill: Fluent in Pig Latin
» First Job: Counting cattle on the trucks entering the stockyard
» Fun Fact: I have a minister’s license and officiated my son’s wedding.
» What her supervisor says: “Cathy is a loyal, hardworking, and a dedicated employee. She is very
dedicated to her staff and the members. Cathy is a hard worker, a pleasure to work with, and provides
excellent customer service to the Trinity Woods organization.” – Dennis Graham, COO

June STARS Employee of the Month

We are so excited to spotlight Rosal Osburn, CMA in the Holliman Center as the June STAR employee of the month! Rosal thank you for your outstanding customer service!

» Start Date: June 2003 (19 years!)
» Born and Raised: Philippines
» University: Holy Trinity University in the Philippines
» Wanted to be as a Kid: Flight Attendant
» Described by Friends: Caring person and a giver
» Hobbies: Traveling, cooking and watching sports on television
» Favorite Verse: “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm
» Collects: Angels and Crystals
» First Job: Telephone Switchboard Operator
» Fun Fact: She has traveled on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land
» What her supervisor says: “Rosal connects with residents, family and team members easily because of her passion to serve others.” – Jacob Will, VP of Health Services

May STARS Employee of the Month

Tim Woodard, Maintenance
» Start Date: January 2021
» Born and Raised: Miami, OK
» Favorite Sport: Football- Go Chiefs!
» Favorite Family Recipe: Fry Bread
» Hobbies: Woodworking and Golf
» Favorite Quote: “You’ll face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.”
» Collects: Art (paintings)
» Favorite Movie: Top Gun
» Family: Five Kids and Nine Grandkids
» What his supervisor says: “Tim is a “handshake guy” which means, he does what is right and
what he says he will. His character is of a caliber you rarely see anymore. I am thankful he is with
us, working alongside us each day taking care of Trinity Woods residents and fellow employees.” –
Ty Westlake, Facilities Manager

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