You Belong Here!

By Steve Dickie, CEO

At Trinity Woods we celebrate the neighborly way people are welcomed into the community. We also acknowledge the importance of each person having a sense of belonging. In fact, our tagline was selected to support an aspirational goal for community members and employees, “Belong. Believe. Become.”

In recent visits with serval community members of Trinity Woods I have gained some fascinating insights. When I asked, “What goals were you seeking to accomplish when you chose to move here?” one person responded by saying, “I didn’t know anyone when I moved here. I never imagined I could make such great friends after the age of 80.” Others told me, “I wanted to plan ahead. I wanted to make my own decisions about my future,” and another said, “I moved for my children. I did not want them to have to worry about me.”

I am so impressed by the depth of the interpersonal relationships that have taken root at Trinity Woods. One person described it this way: “When I fi rst moved here, I found new acquaintances. The acquaintances became friends. Those friends I now consider family.”

The rich sense of fellowship is evident. It manifests itself in diverse ways and in a variety of places — in
fitness classes at the Spann Wellness Center, around the pool table or at ping pong in the Community Life Center and around the dining tables in the Charter Oak and Cypress Grille restaurants. I am captivated by the vision of a community where the love and care of others defines our essence.

This “good neighbor” archetype is rooted in the “great commandment.” A teacher of the law once asked Jesus, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” Jesus answered by saying, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength,’ and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Mark 12:28-34) Thank you for the way you “love one another” so deeply and so well.

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