The Sun Shines in Cobb Landing

It’s a cold day but as you walk the halls of the OMM Health Center all you feel is the warmth of love inside – especially in Cobb Landing. Cobb Landing is a special place, where very special people have been called to serve. It is a unique home for up to 14 elders and is dedicated to providing care for people facing the challenges of memory-related issues such as Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

“Sometimes it can seem intimidating to interact with individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia,” said Julie Akers, Cobb Landing Household Manager. “Discovering the key that unlocks an

elder from these diseases, even if it’s just for a moment, is an unexplainable joy for all of us who work here.”

Julie and her team the “Cobbies,” as they call themselves, are dedicated to serving the elders of Cobb Landing. They have cookouts and bake together, and always remember to have fun. Recently they created life stations, where the elders sort household items, organize and complete tasks. These types of activities were parts of their lives and still allow them to relate

in an adult and purposeful way.

Providing care for individuals with memory related issues can be stressful. These diseases involve relentless cognitive deterioration. Our caregivers manage the ever-changing

demands and unexpected behaviors. “What works today may not work tomorrow but their smile is there, and we just have to find it,” said Akers.

“Our purpose in Cobb is to find their joy and encourage everyone (elder and family) that there is still life to live. This disease doesn’t define us,” a goal Julie and her team strive to achieve every day.

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